The 21st season of American Idol has now announced its winner. Iam Tongi, an 18-year-old singer, has won admirers nationwide because of his lovely voice. However, it seems that not everyone believes that his victory was merit-based.

The musician has now spoken his opinion regarding the charges that his victory was “rigged” after much speculation.

Iam Tongi, the season 21 winner of American Idol, has just expressed how he feels about the criticism he has received. Additionally, he commented on the debate surrounding Judge Katy Perry.

The American Idol victory of Iam Tongi caused considerable controversy. Many people think Colin Stough, who finished in second place, should have won. People argued that the singer’s selection was driven more by his “sob story” than his musical ability.

Iam Tongi responded that he did not mind these statements—he enjoyed them!

Many individuals say things like, “Colin Stough was robbed,” etc. The 18-year-old remarked, “And I just adore it.” The boy added that his father, Rodney Tongi, had prepared him for the prospect of reaction and individuals who did not like him before dying away in 2021.

My father has always warned me that not everyone will enjoy your music. There will be those who don’t like it, but that’s okay; that’s normal,’ he continued.

“Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Everyone is free to express their opinions. So it’s all right.” He claimed that his strategy for dealing with hate is simply killing it with love. He occasionally “likes” some of the posts he encounters on social media.

“I am wrong for enjoying it. But look, not everyone will enjoy my music. ” The young man answered, “I must learn that the hard way.”

Iam, who is of Tongan and Samoan descent, made history by becoming Hawaii’s first American Idol champion.

He further stressed that he had no animosity toward Colin Stough, the runner-up. “I love Colin, he’s such a nice person.” He stated of Colin, “I’m going to see him again, and we’re going to jam out again and have fun.”

But still, he said, “I’m glad to know that other people like music as much as I do.”

“They love Colin to the point where they claim he ought to have won. That makes me happy,” the young winner added.

“I appreciate it when my community comes out to see and supports me so that I won’t seek after fans. I’m just going to be myself, do what I love, and enjoy myself as I go, and we’ll see what happens,” he said.

Even the current Katy Perry American Idol judge scandal mentioned by him. The ill will Perry has endured due to some remarks she made during the previous season has led to rumors that she may quit the program.

“I said it would be sad if Katy departed the show. He remarked that “we had a lot of fun with them while I was on Idol,” adding that “all the judges are very pleasant. It would not be easy to replace Katy’s affection and support for the candidates. Katy would be missed if she moved away.”

He claims that for himself, the reality that he won the show has still not fully registered. The 18-year-old is working on his debut album, which he describes as having a “Jack Johnson kind of vibe.” The musician seemed to enjoy his role as the show’s victor.

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