After giving birth to a baby boy with a million-to-one chance of being white and blue-eyed, a black woman unexpectedly gave birth to a second white kid, shocking the doctors.

It was believed that it was unlikely for another person to inherit the peculiar recessive white gene that made Jonah Howarth, a three-year-old of Nigerian descent, completely white.

When the midwife introduced Sophia, who was as white as her big brother, he was so shocked.

The mother from Milton Keynes, Bucks, believes she is the first black lady in the entire world to have given birth to two children with white skin and blue eyes.

A geneticist informed Jonah’s parents that he was a one-in-a-million baby when he was born. ” Given my African origin, he observed that it was odd that I had a child with blue eyes and pale skin.”

He came to the conclusion that there was less than a one in a million chance of it happening again.

“Sophia was born with white skin and blue eyes, and I was more than taken away in amazement”. It indicates that there is a million to one chance that it will occur twice. It’s never been reported that a black mother gave birth to two white children.

Although husband Richard, a 37-year-old engineer, is fully white, the Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire couple believed their second kid would be substantially darker than their first.

“When Jonah was delivered, Richard and I thought the midwife had given us the wrong child because he was so white”, Catherine remembered. Sophia’s arrival, however, has really come as an even bigger surprise because we were confident it couldn’t happen twice.

“When I saw her blue eyes and light complexion, I was startled.”

The birth of Sophia in March of last year similarly shocked doctors.

She says, “The nurses and doctors have frequently remarked on how wonderfully colored our infants are. People sometimes have problems understanding me when they first meet me with the kids.”

They seem to be looking at me again and wondering if I’m their mother. I do get tired of people asking me if I’m the babysitter when they see me on the street. Others seem to have a hard time understanding how I could have two white children.

However, when they come to know us more, people usually remark that despite having white skin and blue eyes, they have many of my characteristics.

Catherine is of Nigerian heritage, and no one in her family is Caucasian.

“As far back as anybody can remember, my family has always been black, and my parents are from Nigeria.”

The only logical answer is that my family must have long since carried a latent white gene. Right now, it seems to be quite dominant.

Despite their initial skepticism, the couple is overjoyed with their miraculous babies.

When Jonah was born, five modeling agencies expressed interest in him due to his unique features.

Ten months old, his baby sister is now ready to follow his footsteps as she has already signed with talent agencies. After only three weeks, she received her first modeling job.

Richard, the father, said: “We don’t care what color our children’s skin is. It’s interesting how the genes lined up. We are really blessed to have two children who are both beautiful. Having healthy, happy children is the only thing that matters.”

Colleen Lynch, a molecular geneticist at Care Fertility, says that even while you may expect this couple to have children with a mixture of both of their skin tones, “there are so many genes involved that there is a million-to-one potential they have received white children.”

The white gene is likely present in the woman’s distant ancestors and has suddenly reappeared as a result, an evolutionary throwback.

Prof. Ian Jackson of the MRC Human Genetics Unit at the University of Edinburgh said if the couple has other children, those kids may also be white.

According to studies, one in four or maybe one in two children of such a marriage will have pale skin.