Cold therapy can increase collagen formation and decrease inflammation.

My fears gradually evaporated as I watched folks emerge one by one from the private area with heated cheeks and bright smiles.

The prospect of walking into temperatures of -100 C when I can barely keep warm in front of the fire in winter had me skeptical about whether I’d like cryotherapy, a health trend popularized by celebrities such as Daniel Craig and Jennifer Aniston.

So, what exactly is cryotherapy? And how well does it work? I was impressed with the results after hearing nothing about it before leaping at an event with Vitamin Well, who have released four non-carbonated low-calorie beverages rich with vitamins and minerals in the UK…

Cryotherapy chambers, often known as cold therapy, employ liquid nitrogen to cool the air around you and cause the body to respond physiologically.

UNTIL’s chambers have temperatures ranging from -85oC to -110oC and can accommodate guests for up to 2-3 minutes. While you’re in the chamber, your blood rushes to protect your internal organs, and when you depart, fresh blood rushes back to your extremities, providing a slew of health benefits.

To reduce discomfort, remove your jewelry before entering the chambers, and make sure your hair and clothes are dry.

Swimsuits, undergarments, or sports bras and shorts are excellent for exposing as much flesh as you’re comfortable with. You’ll be given a face mask, socks, quilted shoes, gloves, and ear muffs to cover areas of your body that are at risk of being too cold – which, as you can guess, makes for a very appealing uniform.

What are the advantages of cryotherapy?
Cold treatment not only improves mood by releasing endorphins, but it can also support collagen development, reduce inflammation, aid in weight reduction, and, my personal favorite, improve sleep.

So, whether you want to recuperate from an injury by boosting the amount of oxygenated blood in your tissues or maintain a toned physique with higher metabolism (each session is believed to burn up to 800 calories), the freezing few minutes are well worth it.

Who are the celebrities who swear by cryotherapy?

We’re not surprised the health fad has taken off in the celebrity sphere, given its various benefits. “I just tried cryotherapy recently when I was having some injuries and I was amazed,” Jennifer Aniston told Shape. First and foremost, those three minutes felt like four years, but I must admit, they were quite beneficial!

“I’ve had every kind of injury you can think of.” When you abuse your body as much as I have by jogging and down-dogging, it ultimately tells you to bug out!” And, based on her youthful complexion, we’re guessing the other perks were well received as well.

Meanwhile, Carol Vorderman has stated that cryotherapy tanks are “good for everything,” Emma Willis has stated that cryotherapy is “really invigorating,” and Daniel Craig has stated that cryotherapy has helped him stay in shape while portraying James Bond.

If you’re unsure if you want to commit to a visit to the chambers and the corresponding £95 each session, take a cue from Joe Wicks and Gemma Atkinson, who have ice baths in their gardens.

The celebrity testimonies speak for themselves, however with only one session, it’s difficult to state with sure that I’ve experienced all of the following benefits. I enjoyed the best night’s sleep of my life, in my opinion.

After experiencing what I can only characterize as a post-workout high, I stayed energized for a couple of hours (no doubt aided by my Vitamin Well Recover drink, which contains vitamin B12, folic acid, and magnesium) before my body was entirely relaxed. For a frigid two minutes, that’s nine hours of unbroken slumber.