Britney Spears is known to be active on Instagram following her newfound independence after being released from her father’s strict conservatorship. The Toxic singer frequently uploads pictures of herself having fun in her freedom.

A rumor about her spouse Sam Asghari circulated. It was thought that he distributed the videos to spread a false picture of Spears. So far, nothing has been confirmed. Another such video has now been released on Britney Spears’ Instagram.

This time, though, there is a lengthy description outlining her nerve injury, the resulting discomfort, and how dance made her feel better despite the pain.

In her dance video post on Instagram, the Baby One More Time singer stated that she was suffering from nerve damage. Britney Spears captioned a detailed description of her current state. She confessed that the right half of her body was suffering from nerve damage. The Princess of Pop described nerve injury and its consequences.

She stated, “Right half of my body has nerve damage… Except for God, I suppose there is no remedy… Nerve damage can occur when your brain does not receive enough oxygen… Your brain literally switches off. Parts of your body go numb as a result of nerve injury.”

According to Spears, she wakes up at least three times every week with her hands completely numb. She went on to say that it felt like pins and needles were pricking her right side. The discomfort, according to the Womanizer singer, “shoots up to my neck and the part that hurts the most is my temple… it stings and it’s scary.”

Spears also said that she had been living in a mildly unconscious state since she was released from the medical center where she had been admitted against her will in 2019. In response to the effect, the I Wanna Go, singer, wrote, “I couldn’t face it.”

The Sometimes singer is known for routinely posting videos of herself dancing on Instagram. It had grown so frequent and excessive that people speculated Britney Spears was being controlled by her husband Sam Asghari against her will.

However, her most recent post and caption hint that the rumors are false. The Toxic singer addressed her nerve injury and added, “While my Instagram has not been up to most…Hey, hey, hey, it’s a game, and it brought me here.”

Among the suffering that has no solution, the singer claims that dancing was almost like medicine for her. “It’s funny, though – when I dance, I don’t feel the pain,” she writes.

According to her, she feels oxygen flowing to her brain when dancing. As a result, she was able to stand properly and breathe freely.