Andrew and Nina

Andrew has been carrying a deep secret for four long decades, a secret that he hid from his wife Nina, but now it threatens to unravel. It all started when their adopted daughter, Louise, stumbled upon some medical records that brought Andrew’s carefully guarded secret to light.

Feeling the weight of his deception, Andrew grapples with the decision of whether to come clean or continue to protect his wife from the painful truth about her infertility. Eventually, the mounting pressure becomes too much for Andrew to bear, and he must confront the past he has been hiding for so many years.

40 years ago, during their teenage years, Andrew and Nina made a fateful mistake that would shape the course of their lives. A reckless night of passion resulted in an unintentional pregnancy. But Andrew’s gynecologist mother intervened and provided Nina with abortion-inducing pills, causing irreversible damage to her reproductive system.

Consumed by guilt, Andrew made a heartbreaking choice. He chose to shoulder the blame for their infertility and kept this painful secret from Nina for decades. Not only that, he even went to great lengths to sabotage any fertility treatments that Nina pursued, all in an effort to spare her from heartache.

But as time went on, Nina’s desire for a child grew stronger. She expressed a wish for in vitro fertilization, prompting Andrew to suggest adoption instead. Little did she know that Andrew’s resistance to fertility treatments was fueled by his own guilty conscience.

When Louise discovers the truth, it shakes her to the core. She struggles to come to terms with her father’s selfish decisions and the web of lies and deceit that she unknowingly grew up with. Andrew, acknowledging his mistakes, tries to justify his actions as an attempt to protect Nina from heartbreak.

However, Louise can no longer bear the weight of the secrets that have consumed her family for so long. She finally breaks her silence, expressing her anger and disillusionment towards her father’s deceit. As they leave Andrew’s mother’s home, Louise symbolically shatters a framed diploma, signifying her desire to break free from a past built on lies and deception.

This emotional revelation forces Andrew to face the consequences of his long-held secret and the impact it has had on his family. The journey towards healing and forgiveness is just beginning, as they all navigate the difficult path of rebuilding trust and forging a new, more honest future together.