Steve Irwin, the beloved zookeeper and conservationist, left a legacy that continues to inspire people of all ages. Even though Steve never had the chance to meet his granddaughter, Grace, she still feels a deep connection to him. Here’s how Grace honors her late grandpa’s memory every single night.

At just 2 years old, Grace Warrior Irwin Powell already shares her grandfather’s love for wildlife. Her mom, Bindi Irwin, describes Grace’s personality as a reflection of Steve’s. “She is just awing with everything,” Bindi said. “Her whole soul being is full of passion and enthusiasm, and it’s very cute because she’s fiery and fabulous.”

Growing up in the Australia Zoo, where her family works, gives Grace the opportunity to familiarize herself with her grandfather’s legacy. Signs, videos, and daily adventures at the zoo keep Steve’s spirit alive. Grace even fondly refers to him as “Grandpa Crocodile,” spotting his presence throughout the zoo.

Bedtime routines are an especially sentimental time for the family. Bindi shared that they have a picture of Steve feeding a crocodile, which they say goodnight to every night. “Goodnight Grandpa Crocodile,” Grace says as they start their bedtime routine. It’s heartwarming to see how much Steve continues to be a part of Grace’s life.

As Grace grows, she’s already picking up some iconic “Crocodile Hunter” phrases. Bindi mentioned that when asked what Grandpa Crocodile says, Grace replies with either “Crikey! Danger, danger, danger!” or “You little beauty.” Her enthusiastic delivery brings smiles to everyone around her.

Uncle Robert Irwin is thrilled by Grace’s energy and spirit. He imagines that if Steve were still here, they wouldn’t be able to keep up with all the adventures he would take her on. Robert expressed his love for Grace and the pride he knows Steve would have for this next generation.

The Irwin family dearly loves and misses Steve, but they have found ways to keep his legacy alive. The Crocodile Hunter Lodge offers a unique experience for visitors to connect with wildlife while enjoying a luxury vacation. Steve’s dream was to immerse guests in the natural world, and the lodge truly embodies his vision.

“This truly has been such a dream in the making,” Bindi shared. “Dad would always say how he wanted to create this luxury meets wildlife experience, and now to have it officially here, it’s just beyond what we could ever imagine, and it’s something to be so proud of.”

The Irwin clan’s commitment to honoring Steve’s legacy is truly heartwarming. Through their work and the memories they share, they ensure that Steve’s passion for wildlife and conservation lives on. This update is a beautiful testament to the love and respect they have for him.

This heartwarming update from the Irwin family is a testament to the lasting impact Steve Irwin had on the world. Share this exciting news with others who were fans of the late Steve Irwin!