While on patrol one rainy night, deputy officer Holman noticed a homeless guy strolling the streets of Greenville, South Carolina. The subsequent events altered the path of his life.

When the man halted, the police inquired as to whether he was a local. Robert Morris, the homeless man, acknowledged his lack of a house. In the woods, he had been living in a tent, but it had been destroyed by a river.

He had significant drug and alcohol addictions and was also cold and hungry. He admitted to the officer that the deaths of his parents and sister had a negative impact on his life. He had a strained relationship with his siblings.

Officer Holman called a few of the nearby shelters, but they were all full for the evening. He didn’t want to abandon this man completely.

In the trunk of his patrol cruiser, Officer Holman typically keeps a couple additional Bibles, but this time he could only find his own copy. He gave it away since he realized Morris needed it more than he did.

The policeman gave Morris some food before leaving, wishing he could have done more. Years after the incident, Morris called the police to express his gratitude to Officer Holman for saving his life.

Following that interaction, Morris entered a treatment facility and made amends with his family. Morris’ life was changed forever by the generosity Officer Holman displayed to him that evening.