Actress Juliana Margulies has called out her fellow Hollywood celebrities for their silence in the face of rising antisemitism following Hamas’ attack on Israelis. Speaking at a recent Variety event in Los Angeles, Margulies expressed her disappointment and questioned why no one in the industry is speaking up.

Margulies even wondered if celebrities are afraid of losing social media followers if they take a public stand against antisemitism. “It’s just insane to me. That’s not how I roll,” she said. “I hope I inspire other people to come out and use their voice and platform to draw attention to this.”

Since Hamas launched its murderous attacks, pro-Hamas demonstrations have broken out in major cities and campuses across the United States. Some protesters are celebrating the attacks and calling for the annihilation of Israel. Antisemitic incidents have also been reported in Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, Hunter College, and the City University of New York.

Black Lives Matter leaders have endorsed Hamas, citing a shared embrace of “decolonization” ideology. While some Hollywood celebrities and executives have condemned Hamas, there hasn’t been much pushback against the growing number of pro-Hamas and antisemitic demonstrations.

Many Hollywood celebrities publicly supported BLM during the 2020 race riots, making it awkward for them and their publicists to disavow the Marxist group. However, a small handful of Hollywood stars has pushed back against this trend.

Netflix’s Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp recently criticized his Instagram followers who voiced their support and even celebrated Hamas and its murder of Israelis, saying, “You either stand with Israel or you stand with terrorism.”

It is essential for celebrities and public figures to use their platforms to denounce hate, discrimination, and violence. Silence is not an option when it comes to combating antisemitism or any other form of bigotry. We hope that more Hollywood celebrities follow the lead of Juliana Margulies and take a stand against antisemitism. Let’s promote understanding, empathy, and unity in the face of hatred.