James Spence was ready to become a father for the first time when he was engaged in a motorbike accident that fractured his skull and left him with brain damage.

The 25-year-old patient was put into an induced coma by Charlene Pope in Bristol before the birth of their son Carter.

The mother of two children, however, is certain that the child’s visits to his father played a big role in both his awakening and his full recovery.

“I was afraid our baby wouldn’t get to meet his dad,” she said, “but I think bringing the baby around was helpful to his coming around.”

The 29-year-old woman brought their baby son to meet James on August 8, the same day he was born.

And even more miraculously, James managed to regain consciousness ten days after the disastrous accident he had been.

He had a mild case of amnesia for the first week or so, so anytime he woke up from a sleep or whatever else, we had a picture of Carter ready to show him and we had to remind him who Carter was, said Charlene, who also has a daughter named Jaya who is nine years old.

“I wouldn’t advise letting him hold Carter for an extended period of time because of how unsteady he was at first.”

“He would walk the ward for hours at a time because his brain was telling him he wouldn’t be able to walk again.”

Charlene describes her partner as a “walking miracle” after spending their first Christmas together.

“He is now back at home, and we are all enjoying being a close-knit family, so the story has a happy ending.”

James and Charlene have made the decision to get married in order to make the most of their remaining time together.

We have arranged our wedding for November 2018, Charlene said, “since it has made us understand how life could be cut short in the blink of an eye.”

James’ family, according to Ben Walton, the adult clinical lead for serious trauma at North Bristol NHS Trust, was a crucial component in his full recovery.

“The rehabilitation procedure can start as soon as a patient is admitted to our hospital after suffering a serious injury.”

“A crucial part of the healing process is keeping up regular contact and conversation with loved ones.”

James’ amazing recovery was a result to his partner Charlene and their child’s frequent visits and support in addition to the excellent treatment he received at Southmead Hospital.