Newlyweds may have anything from a proclamation of love to the day they exchanged vows engraved on their wedding rings, but one lady selected a funny warning that is far more useful.

Amanda Tallman, 29, and Dan, 30, of Lake Orion, Michigan, married five years ago, and Amanda had her husband’s wedding band engraved with something special.

The couple had been enjoying the ring’s clever engraving for years. Still, this week, Dan’s friend and groomsman Jordan Goddard released an older image of the inscription on Imgur, causing an internet phenomenon.

“My best friend’s wife had this inscribed into his wedding ring,” Jordan continued. The duo is great and entertaining; this is only a taste of her comedic abilities.

Dan and Amanda are happily married with three children, which will please fans of the amusing message. More than 880,000 people have seen the image of the words inscribed within Dan’s ring.

Dan stated that on Wednesday morning, he received a text message notifying him that a photo of his ring was going viral.

“I had no idea he had posted it. I was shocked, but I thought it was fairly great,” he said.

He said the entire incident “describes my friendships and my relationship with my wife.” It only seems sensible that Amanda would have put that in my ring, and Jordan would certainly be the one to make it go viral if it ever happened.

Dan said he and Amanda had no idea what the inscription would say when they ordered the ring from G&H Jewelry in California, Maryland.

Amanda delivered a message to the worker. “I didn’t think about it,” he admitted. I saw the ring for the first time when I tried it on to check how it fits. I joined in on the store’s collective chuckle.”

“After some thought, that made sense because that’s how Amanda is,” I explained. “Our relationship is marked by affection, wit, and laughter. We had a great relationship before we were married, and we still do.”

Dan, who rarely takes off his ring, claims that he only does so when working on their cars or around the house. Despite the fact that her wedding band is unengraved, Amanda lost it for a month around Christmas before finding it.

The recurring joke was aimed at her. “All of our friends said she put it on the wrong ring,” Dan continued. “Everything worked well when we found her ring.”

“I’m simply incredibly lucky to have such a lovely wife, a gorgeous family, and the best friends someone could have,” Dan remarked. “We’re living the dream, we often say, and this is simply a small part of that dream.”