Get a bag of cement, scissors, and a pair of latex gloves first.

Get the cement out of the bag, mix it as instructed on the packaging, and prepare the gloves for use.

Make sure there are no air bubbles present when placing the cement in the gloves and lead it to the gloves’ fingertips.

Try to give the fingers a natural bending form as the cement starts to dry. This will be crucial.

Cut one edge of the gloves to take them off after the cement has completely dried, revealing your artwork.

Continue removing the gloves; you must keep in mind that patience is the key at this stage!

Bring your creation to the garden, and use the hands you just made to hold your favorite flowers!

It’s a great weekend project, and no one else in the area will have pots quite like yours. That is, assuming your neighbors do not read the same article as you!