New evidence concerning Michael Jackson’s tumultuous life has emerged more than ten years after his death. For example, his former bodyguard mentioned the “hidden children’s room” in Neverland…

With the publication of the documentary Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson and Me, the sensitive subject of Michael Jackson’s alleged sexual attacks on male youngsters throughout his life has been reopened.

Wade Robson and James Safechuck accused the megastar of persistent harassment, but after the trial in 2005, the singer was found not guilty. Even after his death, there was abundant evidence that MJ’s actions was not only morally and legally wrong for certain youngsters.

Matt Fiddes, Michael’s former bodyguard, wanted to clarify the “children’s secret room” in Neverland. “People will try to persuade you that he built a secret room just for kids, but the room was already completed when he bought the house. He began to explain that it was a refuge chamber in case of danger.

“He was a multibillionaire, so having such a space makes perfect sense… He had all sorts of things out there to keep him entertained while he waited for the situation to be handled. It was common for the alarm to sound throughout the home, and his employees would rush him to that room. “It wasn’t a secret place; we were all aware of its presence,” he stated.