Although some of us may forget this lesson once we reach maturity, respect for older people is something that is learnt from a young age.

As long as there are elderly individuals in our community who require assistance, it is wise to lend a hand.

Chris Carter also assisted an elderly man.

Chris spotted an old man attempting to cut the grass next to the house while driving with his family in his spare time. The driver didn’t continue his trip, so he stopped the car and went to assist the elderly man in attending the lawn.

Chris’ wife Tara, who was moved by his partner’s gesture, was the one to make this moment public.

Even though she has always known her husband to be a lovely man, what he did that day for the elderly man made her proud of the man sitting next to her.

“This is one of the reasons I adore my husband. Chris stopped on the way home with our kids and instructed me to go home first before heading back to pick him up. Despite the fact that I had no idea what was happening, I knew what Chris was going to do.”

Tara exclaimed enthusiastically, “I want our boy to learn something from this and to serve the people around him, like his father.”

Chris set a fantastic example for all of us by what he accomplished, not just for his kids.

For the young people of today to understand what compassion and respect mean, I believe we need more people like him!