The Aspinall Foundation strives to reintroduce captive gorillas to their natural habitat. Damian Aspinall, who has overseen the Foundation for the past ten years, has overseen the release of hundreds of gorillas into the wild. During this period, Kwibi the gorilla grew to have a special place in his heart. Kwibi was cared for by Damian until he turned five, at which point he was returned to the wild.

Nobody anticipated that the two would ever cross paths again. Even though everyone cautioned Damian that Kwibi would probably have begun to adapt to the wild and would act aggressively toward anyone who tried to approach him, five years later, Damian decided to search for his old friend.

What happens when the two buddies reunite for the first time in five years is shown in this film. The outcome is simply remarkable; my chest began to warm up right away. See their heartfelt reunion below.

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