The 55-year-old actor appeared to have changed dramatically since his days on Friends.

Matt, best known for his role as ladies’ man Joey Tribbiani in the popular US comedy Friends, was dressed in a gray T-shirt with the Ford logo and blue jeans.

The Series star wore a defeated expression as he pulled a Ralphs shopping bag to his car.

Matt has kept a low profile since his breakup with his TV producer girlfriend Aurora Mulligan.

The Sun reported in February that he had broken up with his British partner, 36, after nearly six years of dating.

The former Top Gear host and Aurora, who works on the show, supposedly “made a clean break,” but the relationship is still in its early stages.

The couple first became linked after Matt became the BBC show’s first non-UK host in 2016.

The Sun revealed their romance in May, and they were sighted together at the Hickstead Derby in West Sussex, England, in June.

They appeared “besotted,” according to viewers.

They made their red carpet debut at a New York film festival in 2017, and they attended the UK premiere of Top Gear’s 25th season in 2018.

Matt, a single father, joked that he was a “old geezer,” while Aurora, a Northern Irish woman, referred to him as “honey” on social media.

They kept a low profile in Los Angeles, where Matt relocated in 2019. Matt previously dated actress Andrea Anders.

According to a source, Matt and Aurora’s relationship has ended. It’s all over now.

“It’s a horrible shame, and Matt has taken the news really hard, as anyone would.”

On Top Gear, he and Aurora fell in love, and despite their significant age differences, they made an excellent fit.

“However, it was difficult for them when he announced that he was leaving Top Gear to pursue other interests.” While Aurora was working in the UK, he spent a lot of time traveling and is now largely based in Los Angeles.

Matt had previously had a history of failed romances.

The actor married model Melissa McKnight in Hawaii in 2003, and the couple had Marina, who is now 18 years old.

Marina was diagnosed with cortical dysplasia, a rare brain disorder, at the age of eight months, and the couple endured the nightmare that every parent experiences. Fortunately, she recovered completely with adequate care.

However, the couple’s marriage did not work out as well, owing to Matt’s womanizing inclinations.

Matt later admitted that his three-year marriage had ended in part because of his 2005 encounter with Canadian lapdancer Stephanie Stephens.

A strip club is “not the place for a family man,” Matt said, adding that the dancer was also to blame.

She was in his face, pushing her breasts into him, clutching his hands, and grabbing her entire body.

“She was telling me to caress her, and I was wondering what I was thinking.”