Californian girl Mackenna Newman, 17, recently shared a picture of her father showing his cancer-stricken wife the most heartfelt gesture he is capable of on Twitter. The startling reality behind this image is revealed here.

According to Mediafax, the mother of the girl, Marci, was given the diagnosis of thyroid cancer in October 2016 and has since been confined to her bedroom due to radiation therapy.

Last Friday, Mackenna shared an extraordinarily emotional snapshot of her father on Twitter. It appears that he is unable to separate from his wife, especially during these trying times, even for a moment.

The two’s daughter took the photo and uploaded it to the social media site with the caption, “Dad set up an office outside the door of my mother’s bedroom to keep her company, and I’m sobbing right now.”

The woman’s daughter claimed that her father was there at the room’s door “at all times,” yet Jon frequently accompanies his wife Marci to doctor’s appointments and testing, according to Marci.

“Every procedure and radiation. As you can see, he’s trying to get as close to me as he can if he can’t sit next to me.”

The daughter’s gesture appeared to be intended to honor her parents’ extraordinary bond.

The picture took the internet by storm.