Steve Hydes, now 33, was abandoned at birth in a public restroom at a London airport.

He was about 10 days old and wrapped in a shawl when the authorities discovered him. No one knew who the baby was, where he had come from, or who had abandoned him.

After 33 years, he finally found his family.

Steve found his relatives 33 years later with the help of genetic genealogy specialists and shared the news in a message on a social network. His story swiftly spread.

“I am delighted to say that, after 15 years of seeking, I have discovered my biological family.” Unfortunately, because my mother is no longer living, I will never know what happened that day or why she chose to abandon me.

My biological father and brothers were unaware of my existence.

“More and more people are testing their DNA, and I hope that my experience may help to avoid future abandonment. I thank everyone engaged in this case, especially those who assisted me in my search,” Steve admitted.

According to a British newspaper, when Steve was abandoned in 1986, the story caused quite a fuss in the headlines.

Everyone was attempting to figure out who the kid was, especially because he had been left in an airport bathroom and so might have been of any nationality.

Modern DNA analysis tools have shed light on this situation, and Steve might not have found his biological family today if it hadn’t been for science.

Unfortunately for him, he will never know the answer to the question “Why was I abandoned? ” He will also never know why his biological mother kept the pregnancy from his father.

“I would like to know on what day I was born and I would like to know what happened in the first 10 days of my life, but I am afraid I will never find out…”.