The owner of this horse ranch was out and about caring after his horse and snapping photos to show his family. Later that night, while sitting by the fire, he saw something strange. He had to carefully examine the photograph to see why the horse’s mouth looked the way it did.

Are you ready to witness one of those optical illusions that will most likely cause you to spit coffee all over your computer in laughter? You’re going to enjoy the optical illusion I’m about to show you. I’ve shown this optical illusion to a lot of people, and they’ve all laughed at it.

As a result, I’m hoping that when you see it, it has the same effect on you. You’ll probably wonder what you’re looking at at first, but after a few seconds, you’ll burst out laughing. Are you prepared to see what optical illusion I’m referring to? Scroll down to see what I call the “horse mouth optical illusion.”

So, did you get what I was saying? Another horse’s mouth may clearly be seen inside the horse’s mouth closest to the camera. It reminds me of the alien from the film “Alien.”

You know how when they opened their mouths, another little alien head appeared inside? It’s almost like a picture bomb. In any case, I thought this optical illusion was really amusing, and I hope you did as well.

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