Ashton Kutcher wished to donate his heart in order to save his identical twin brother. Michael, the famous actor’s twin brother, is his twin brother.

He admitted that he was alive thanks to a heart transplant, and his brother, Ashton Kutcher, was the first to offer his life in exchange.

Although Ashton Kutcher is one of Hollywood’s most well-known actors, few people are aware that he has a sick twin brother. Michael was diagnosed with cerebral palsy 15 years ago, according to Ashton. The actor, on the other hand, did not want this information to be publicized.

Michael Kutcher afterward expressed his displeasure with his brother for telling the truth. “I was merely enraged.” I’m enraged. In an interview with People magazine, Michael recalled, “I remember talking to him about it.”

Michael spoke to a group of high school students in Ottumwa, Iowa, about how the transplant he received over 30 years ago saved his life.

Michael Kutcher, 42, is a regular guy. He testified that his brother, Ashton, was distraught to find that Michael had been diagnosed with viral cardiomyopathy, a dangerous brain illness, and heart disease. The first thing Ashton said was that he wanted to give up his brother’s heart.

“I’m at a loss for words.” It’s a link I’m not sure how to explain. Michael Kutcher stated of his fraetle and the gesture, “It is an honor, a gratitude, and a deep love for a person who would sacrifice everything for you.”

Michael also mentioned how his brother always stood by him when people made fun of him. Chris, as he refers to Ashton, has always been there for him. “Chris (as he refers to Ashton) gave me the greatest service by allowing me to be myself.

My brother’s daily acts remind me that life isn’t just about deciding on problems; it’s also about overcoming them. Mike has a lot of empathy for the people around him. My brother was always there to defend me. He wished for those around me to be respectful of me. “And that meant a lot to me,” Michael explained.

What is Michael Kutcher up to these days?

Michael Kutcher suffers from cerebral palsy at the moment. He admitted that he does not want to make others feel sorry for him and that he dislikes being labeled as a disabled person.

“It’s true that we aren’t born equal, but that doesn’t bother me. Some may argue that I failed because of my illness and the transplant, but I disagree. I’m aware of who I am, and I believe everything happened for a reason. “I can now communicate to people about the importance of organ donation,” Michael adds.

Ashton Kutcher’s brother is a representative for the Cerebral Palsy Foundation and is married with three children. He’s also a counselor at Joshin, an app that assists families in finding care for a disabled person of any age.