Sergei Kutovoi, an Arkhangelsk local, celebrated his 23rd birthday in the company of not only close friends and his girlfriend, but also his subscribers on the Field of Mars in St. Petersburg. Sergey now has almost 400 thousand of them. The man’s narrative of overcoming adversity, which he expressed with amazing candor, helped him establish such a large following on the network. Several hundred subscribers tuned in to interact with the idols in real time, congratulate them on their birthdays, and embrace them tightly.

At the first meeting with subscribers, Sergey and his girlfriend Ksenia

Following the accident, I felt as if I had no options, no prospects, that I was doomed to a lonely life as an invalid, with nothing brighter in store. But I believed in myself, started playing sports, and dropped weight as a result. And, to be honest, my life is better now than it was before. And any of you can improve your situation. Everyone has the right to happiness and love so that they can have a family and a favorite thing. “Even if I couldn’t, you certainly can,” Arkhangelsk’s Sergey Kutovoy tells the crowd.

Sergey Kutovoy lost his leg in an accident when he was 17 years old. The brakes on the WAF truck failed, and it collided with the man at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. It was necessary to amputate the broken left leg. He spent about a year in the hospital, and after being released, he began to overwhelm everyone with tension. He didn’t move much, and as a result, he swiftly gained weight, weighing 120 kilograms and standing 186 cm tall. Sergey Kutovoy says, “He appeared like an old man: a bald ill, in a wheelchair, wearing spectacles, with 37 scars on his body.”

Sergey could live without a leg, but he couldn’t stand looking at sagging fat folds, so he decided to take on the challenge: first, a horizontal bar at home, then full-fledged gym workouts, a diet, and eventually sledge hockey. Sergey’s pumped-up biceps would have made old Arnold envious two years later. Furthermore, Kutovoy uses Instagram to provide candid “before” and “after” images.

I first saw Serezha in Nastya Ivleeva’s vlog, and I was immediately drawn to his story: the man has not given up hope, and he is evolving and maturing. I’ve been following him on Instagram for a year and find his posts to be very genuine. Nastya, a fan who came to greet Sergey on his birthday, admits, “He inspires me a lot with his confidence in people.”

At this meeting, the emotions were out of control, and several people couldn’t keep back their tears. I cried tears of delight.

Ksyusha’s love life

“Aren’t you envious of Serezha’s throngs of admirers?” – Sergey Kutovoy Ksyusha’s girl confidently responds to this inquiry with a “No.” This is understandable: Sergey stares at his beloved girl with such compassion and devotion that the entranced subscribers realize there is no way.

“How come you adore Sergei?” – “He is really kind,” Ksyusha responds, wiping away her tears: the girl was impressed by the warm reception she received from so many people. They hug Sergey and Ksyusha, beg for photos and autographs, and compete by asking questions of each other.

In response to the next question, the guys recall their acquaintance’s history in various ways. Sergey had been ignoring Ksyusha for several months before finally inviting her to the movies: “I thought the two of us would go.” When I arrived, there were six individuals present – family and friends.

I even glowed in the dark, and you sat with me in the dark, by candlelight, and it appeared as if I was born with your head on my shoulders. Sega Kutova’s 23 Years on Earth (@sega kutove) published this on July 4, 2018 at 9:29 PDT. Sergey recalls that when he found out that the company had real aspirations, he wanted to expose the girl to everyone right away. “When I saw Ksyusha after the movie, I held her hand in mine and recognized that I was attracted to her and that I wanted her to stay in my life forever,” Sergey recounts.

Ksyusha backed me up when I accepted an invitation to participate in the “Sport to the People” project in St. Petersburg. This mattered a great deal to me. Healthy relationships, it appears to me, are those in which individuals assist one another, – says Sergey Kutovoy. For a year, we were in a long-distance relationship. It was extremely difficult: I had to dig deep into my pockets to get enough money to buy Ksyusha a ticket from Arkhangelsk to St. Petersburg. But do you know what I discovered? Do not despair if everything in your life is going wrong. You are reimbursing these evil people for all of the positive things that will occur in your life.

Ksyusha was able to permanently relocate to Sergei in St. Petersburg after graduation. After three years of dating, the boys’ intentions have only grown more serious: they want to get married and buy their own home, rather than relying on a mortgage and saving up for an apartment on their own. “Because I didn’t have a complete family, I had a difficult upbringing.” As a result, I now truly desire a happy family with Ksyusha. “I believe it is appropriate to introduce new people into society,” Sergey Kutovoy adds.

Make a book and learn to walk on both feet.

A book is one of Sergei Kutovoy’s creative plans. He firmly proclaims, “I have a story to tell.”

Meanwhile, the Arkhangelsk resident updates his Instagram account.

He knows how to motivate as a buddy. He always inquires as to why you do it and what you hope to accomplish with it. In this regard, we considered master courses in the style of Nick Vuychich (an Australian motivational speaker who suffers from a congenital ailment that causes the loss of all limbs – ed. ), – stated Sergey Menua’s buddy.

I’m delighted to have the opportunity to see Vanechka. And how can twins survive if they don’t have each other? – This is terrible. Furthermore, my father has emphasized since the cradle that we are the closest people to one other, and that one day there would be no mom or dad, but we will have each other! We’ve been really fond of one other since then. Vanya also phones and asks that no sweets be brought because he is unable to lose weight due to our gifts. I give everyone a hug and appreciate your time. Sega Kutova has been on the planet for 23 years (@sega kutove). 3 April 2018, 8:55 a.m. PDT In a week, a film will be released in which Sergey will star. In the film “Sergey Kutovoy,” he was a co-star. “I am above everything,” he said, referring to his twin brother Ivan. This is the brothers’ first time filming, excluding Artem Gryanik’s video for Pavel Volya’s song “Two.” Andrey Grigoriev, a film director, discovered him on the internet and encouraged him and his friends to star in a feature film.

We were unable to raise the full budget for the film through crowdfunding, as intended, and were compelled to return all of the cash and invest our own money in its production. “The film will be released in a week, and it will be shown at the VKontakte festival before that,” Sergey stated.

Sergey Kutovoy intends to get back on his feet, both metaphorically and literally. They will manufacture a prosthesis for him in St. Petersburg. It will be funded by the state with four and a half million rubles. “There are only a few references remaining, and I’ll do my best.” “It’s not a given that everything will work out because my leg is so near to the bone, but maybe soon I’ll be able to walk,” Sergey says, his eagerness unmasked.

Do you know why Seryoga is so special to me? You do not regard him as a disabled person despite the fact that he is disabled. It’s fine, says Anton, his pal. – We were sworn in at Menua yesterday. Seryoga was seated on the windowsill, the stroller had been removed, and everyone had forgotten that he needed assistance… Are you aware of what I’m referring to? We had no reason to believe anything was incorrect.”

We communicate in a very easy manner, and you would never guess he is in a wheelchair. That’s how he still teases us!” – Manua is picked up.

For a long time, Sergey’s admirers did not want him to leave the Field of Mars. The girls dashed to be photographed and couldn’t stop crying. Those, though, were tears of delight. “That tremendous charge of positive and kindness that you gave me today will remain forever in my heart,” the man said, and shortly a fresh post appeared on Sergei Kutovoy’s Instagram: “That huge charge of positive and kindness that you gave me today will remain forever in my heart.” Thank you very much!”

Sergey discovered his inner power and, despite his physical limitations, began to participate in sports and take care of his health. He obtained tremendous results in a short period of time, which he discusses on his Instagram account, which has hundreds of thousands of followers.

“Before the accident, I shed 50 pounds in six months on a high-protein diet, and as a result, I developed kidney stones at the age of seventeen” (they found out in time and had the operation). I don’t advise people to follow any diets; instead, they should eat a healthy, well-balanced diet!”

“I’ve never felt constrained or inadequate, and I’ve always believed in myself, which is perhaps why there’s never been any mention of my having to put up with “such” a score. After all, I am a human on the inside, not outside, because you can be a person with all of your limbs, but such a moral monster? Not how to live without a limb, but how to lose weight without a leg was the question. For two years, I’ve been unable to move, and I’ve been unable to train since it’s just impossible to enter into an Arkhangelsk gym in a wheelchair… ”

Sergey no longer feels like an invalid, and he is just delighted! Polina Mukhacheva, his Yekaterinburg lover, is very much in love with him, and they are expected to be together for a long time.

“She rolls me everywhere and all the time, and I’ve already gotten out of the habit.” Everyone stares at us and doesn’t take their gaze away in surprise. I’ve been used to it for a long time, and she has as well. Do you know how we get around the obstacles? Like a wounded fighter, I step on my leg. I take a step to the left, leaning on her frail shoulders, overcoming each step a little bit. She’s also very patient and loving. Then she drags this 20-kilogram stroller up to the top, where I wait. And I’m stuck watching my brave little kid deal with the situation. God, she doesn’t care if she has a limb or an arm; the most important thing to her is that she is alive and only she.” – Seryozha pens a letter to his beloved.

Sergei still has big dreams for himself: he wants to receive a prosthesis and model for a fitness magazine, as well as compete in the Pyongyang Olympics.

We wish this determined and determined man the best of luck!

“I didn’t think I was dying at the time,” Sergey Kutovoy says. – I was laying in a pool of blood on the road, digging through my pockets for a phone to call my father, but the people that came running started shouting at me to keep me from moving or looking down at my feet.

Our twenty-year-old countryman has already shared his heartbreaking experience, which has since taken a positive turn, on social media, in newspapers, and in magazines. He’s appeared on popular Russian chat shows, starred in a music video, and is currently starring in his own films.

140 kg and a million times the number of fans

Two dogs jumped next to the wheels of Seryozha’s chair as he opened the door for me.

This is Europe, and this is just a dog – Barack Obama, – Seryozha guffaws. – Welcome in and please accept my apologies for the mess.

For filming, Artem required a well-known figure. “You’re already a media personality!” he exclaimed. We decided that he would come to Arkhangelsk, but we had no idea which Volya song we would choose. Later, I presented him with “Two.” We were surprised at how neatly my brother’s narrative fit into the song, which everyone assumed was about a guy and a woman. We gave it a fresh sound, if you will.

Three days were spent filming the video in Arkhangelsk. My brother Vanya and I play easygoing, nice folks in the video. Of course, we don’t walk around the city like fools every day, – Sergey chuckles. – And we’re not always so sweet; we both enjoy dark humor. However, the primary point in the film is accurate: we’re really close and have always supported each other in difficult situations. The video began to acquire popularity, with comments such as “well done,” “awesome,” and “amazing.” Who’d have guessed that the narrative is only getting started?

The guys in the video should have a conversation.

The theory of the six handshakes is correct. Film director Andrei Grigoriev, known for his documentary “Vasenin,” which was exhibited in dozens of countries around the world and tells the tale of a Russian soldier who valiantly fought on the side of the French Resistance after fleeing Nazi imprisonment, saw the movie “Two” on the Internet. After watching a powerful film clip about the Kutov brothers, Andrey Grigoriev determined that these individuals needed to start communicating. We’re going to the movies.

What I can say for certain regarding the video is that Arkhangelsk will be present – we recorded its various designs from a quadrocopter in October, – Sergey says. – Why tell the Kutovs’ already well-known story in terms of plot? We re-enacted it in a unique way. A wheelchair youngster in the center of the photo becomes into a rock star for everyone and swiftly gains the love of his inner circle, then strangers. This guy is going to achieve things that even healthy guys couldn’t imagine!

The hero may initially elicit pity from the audience, but you will eventually feel affection for him, and perhaps even desire to emulate him. I didn’t instantly feel at ease in front of the camera; I sensed a sense of deception behind me, but I wanted to be genuine.

I grew accustomed to the camera and became at ease with it over time. We want to accomplish something extremely important, but we don’t have enough money – we’re trying to generate finances with the help of the internet.

Here are some quick facts:

Sergey Kutovoy appeared on NTV’s “Endless Opportunities” show, which aired recently.

Sergey appears in a video with Pavel Volya.

Sergey Kutovoy, a 17-year-old future 11-year-old graduate, was walking home in a good mood on April 13, 2013. He had desired to lose weight before graduation for a long time in order to impress a classmate, and he did so in 7 months on a protein diet, dropping from 148 to 108 kg – and he succeeded!

By the way, a high-protein diet is extremely dangerous; Sergei developed kidney stones as a result of it.

He was hit by an automobile at full speed as he approached the pedestrian crossing. After dragging the man 15 meters down the road, the automobile collided with a pole, flattening our hero’s leg between the car body and the pole. After then, there was a two-month coma followed by a lengthy recuperation. The driver was found guilty, sentenced to 1.5 years of probation, and compelled to pay 1,500,000 rubles in compensation. However, the person who caused the accident in which Sergei Kutovoy lost his leg did not have time to be punished because he died of cancer nearly immediately after the verdict was handed down.

Sergei regained 120 kg of weight after waking up from his coma and began to develop complexes. There was no time to go to the gym, so he lost up to 70 kg with the support of loved ones, adequate nutrition, and basic workouts and simulations. It took 1.5 years to complete.

After 6 months, another catastrophe struck: you wondered, “Sega Kutovoy, what happened to your leg?” but Sergey tore his shoulder ligaments and fell into sadness. For four months, he did nothing but play computer games and eat. When he got on the scales and saw that he weighed more than 95 kilograms, his depression dissipated. However, the body’s debilitated state after remission made it difficult to “throw off” fat, and Kutovoy continued to live in a “imperfect body” for another two years.

Seryozha remembered his former aim of “losing weight by graduation” on March 22, 2018, but this time the goal was to lose weight by his girlfriend’s graduation and put on a prosthesis. He weighed 93 kg at the time. He fulfilled part of his goals in early July 2018: 79 kg and an athletic body! Sergey Kutovoy now has 9,800 VKontakte friends, 392,000 Instagram followers, and offers of collaboration in Direct.

Sergei Kutovoy’s first girl, Polina Mukhacheva, appeared after the disaster. He is said to have affectionately referred to her as Pasha, despite the fact that the girl didn’t seem to mind, Sega Kutova’s leg or not. After long hikes, she boldly pulled a 23-kilogram stroller up the stairs.

Nobody knows why Sergey Kutovoy and Polina Mukhacheva broke up, but she is still living in Yekaterinburg, and her Instagram account is locked.

She was asked several times on her “ask” account about the reason for the breakup and whether she is now Sergei Kutovoy’s ex-girlfriend. She responds angrily to such questions, emphasizing that they have nothing in common with the former.

They’re doing well, getting along well, and we can see their joyful faces on social media. The statement signed under one of Ksenia’s images confirms that she doesn’t give a damn about Sega Kutovoy’s leg. “And you wouldn’t guess me if I looked like everyone else.”

The men have a lot of ideas, and they hope to move to St. Petersburg by the middle of July 2018. The hero’s right hand is adorned with a tattoo depiction of Ksyusha Zubova, implying that love will last a long time.

Ivan Kutovoy is Sergey Kutovoy’s brother.

Vanya, Sergey’s twin brother (40 minutes younger than Sergey), was and continues to be a source of comfort for Sergey at his most trying periods. Sergei was named after a friend of his father’s, while Ivan was named after his grandfather.

By the way, the lads shot a video clip for Pavel Volya’s song “Two,” which won first place in the voting. The video was shot in March 2017 and has received thousands of views on YouTube since then.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to write a piece about this guy. But, in the whirlwind of life, the unfinished post in drafts remained undone. And if it weren’t for this story about a controversy during a time of glory and a term about amputees, he’d be forgotten. This term may not be an insult because it refers to persons who have had some limbs amputated, yet it is unpleasant and offensive to me. And it’s particularly relevant in the case of moral amputees like Pozdner and Litvinova. But let us not dwell on them; instead, let us return to our story.

Sergey Kutovoy’s narrative obviously goes beyond the framework of the topic of weight loss, because it contains far more significance than just the quest for a beautiful body: it is an extraordinary story of overcoming, courage, courage, and self-confidence.

Sergei, who prefers to call a spade a spade, opens his story by saying, “At 17, I was a huge, shapeless bag and weighed 148 kg.” Sergei began to lose weight after going on a diet. However, trouble struck him a few months later, just as he was getting near to achieving his goal. Sergey became injured after getting beneath the wheels of an automobile, and he lost his leg as a result. A entirely other drama started: the fight for one’s own life. The photos of Sergey’s current appearance are the best proof that the impossible is doable.

Sergey Kutovoy is a Russian businessman.

52 kg were lost (from 120 to 68 kg)

My weight loss journey began when I was in 11th grade in 2013. I weighed 148 kg and stood 186 centimeters tall. If you call a spade a spade, I appeared to be a flabby, shapeless bag that no one liked. This did not concern me for a long time because I was not embarrassed at school and had a large number of friends. Unhappy love threw everything into disarray, and they crushed my heart. I was always able to have a conversation, and I was brave among girls, but it wasn’t enough. If your physical appearance is unattractive, you will always be a girlfriend for ladies, who will form partnerships with other attractive men. Female hormones require testosterone, yet overweight men’s testosterone levels are typically low.

I made the decision to lose weight once and for all. I started a protein diet and was able to shed 44 kg in 5 months without breaking down. I felt great about myself and set a new goal for myself: another minus 20 kg, followed by the gym and the fight for a relief body. However, things did not turn out as planned…

I was walking from the hospital where I had my annual checkup on April 13, 2013. It was only a matter of getting over the pedestrian crossing before reaching the house. I came to a halt in front of a one-way road and took a good look around. As required by the rules, the car yielded to me, and I began to cross. I felt a hard impact while walking down the sidewalk, presumably out of the danger zone. I was completely blacked out. The brakes on the WAF model truck failed, and he knocked me down while driving at 100 kilometers per hour, knocking me into a post. After that, he was in a coma for ten days.

After waking up from a coma, I spent 9 months in traction because my pelvis was crushed and I couldn’t even sit. Everything was missed: the last call, graduation, and college entrance examinations. This year, I’ve become stronger and wiser. I had to cry, get furious, analyze, and come up with a new identity.

I was absolutely deprived of physical exercise in the hospital: I sat in front of the computer, slept, and ate. I weighed 120 kilograms when I returned home. I was shocked to see myself in the mirror, where I appeared healthy and hopeful as a young man for the last time. I had the appearance of an elderly guy, bald and crippled, in a wheelchair, glasses on my face, and 37 scars on my body. At that point, I knew that I needed to learn how to cope with myself and my lethargy if I wanted to be happy again.

When I began looking for strategies to build an athletic body, I recognized that the only way to achieve success was through adequate and balanced eating. Diets, on the other hand, put our bodies, metabolisms, hair, skin, endocrine, and hormonal systems under stress and collapse. It took me a year and a half to complete my transformation. The first seven months were a psychological battle with myself: I broke down several times, destroying my proper nutrition system, and then restarted; the next eight months were spent working on athletic form. I’m frequently asked on social media if I’ve pumped out fat or injected any drugs. No, there aren’t any “magic” “tricks” that will solve your weight-loss problems for you.

That night, everyone was chasing the heifers, and I was chasing the dinosaurs.

Sergey Kutovoy is certain that anyone may reduce weight and improve their physical condition.

Sergey Kutovoy is a Russian businessman.

I am confident that everyone can improve. Even I, a man without a leg and confined to a wheelchair, was able to shed 52 pounds and develop an athletic physique. Why don’t you give it a shot?

When it comes to practice, the key to reducing weight is to spread out the metabolism. A quicker metabolism increases the rate at which fat is burned, food is absorbed, and muscle is built.

I’ll go over the essential rules for speeding up your metabolism:

1. Consume food every two hours.

2. Don’t drink for 20 minutes before or 40 minutes after a meal.

3. Smoked, floury, sugary, salty, fried, fast food, and convenience meals are all off-limits.

4. Go to bed early: Growth hormone is produced most effectively between the hours of 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Now I live the life of a typical young man: I attend to university, work out at the gym and swim in the pool, and have friends and a girlfriend. I was recently invited to play professional sledge hockey, with the possibility of making the Russian national team in this sport in the future.

The most important thing is to believe in yourself and create realistic goals!

“There are wonderful individuals in the world,” Sergey said on the photo. “I arrived at the gym that day, but the elevator was broken. I made a U-turn to return home. On his own, this man carried me to the second floor. Thank you very much!”

Sergei and his long-time fiancée, who joined him after the disaster.