Once she turned 30, the actress stated her addiction took a toll on her body.

Hayden Panettiere is open about the health consequences of her addiction.

The former Nashville singer, 33, appeared on the April cover of Women’s Health and discussed how her physical health suffered due to resorting to alcohol to deal with her anxieties while on leave from the entertainment industry.

“I fought with sleep deprivation,” Panettiere told the January publication. “Sleep is quite important. It impacts your motor skills, thinking ability, and overall wellness.”

“My body said, ‘enough,’” she went on. “I hit 30. My face was puffy. I was suffering from jaundice. My eyes were a pale yellow. I needed to see a liver expert. I was carrying a weight that wasn’t ordinarily there. My hair was thin and clumped together.”

Panettiere stated that she had to force her body to recuperate without using substances. In 2021, she checked into a treatment facility for the second time, commencing a 12-step program and trauma counseling.

“I worked a lot on myself,” she said. “I felt like I had this blank canvas to work with after eight months of intensive therapy.”

Now, the actress said she had overcome her insomnia by following a nightly ritual involving drinking chamomile tea with milk and honey and bathing in vanilla-scented bubble baths.

She also maintains a Peloton in her bedroom and collaborates with trainer Eddie Pavese, whom she met in treatment, to develop a doable training routine.

While in therapy, Panettiere expressed a desire to “return to the beginning of the period when I was truly happy and healthy.”

She lauded how far she’s gone since she first struggled with substance misuse at 22, telling the publication that she’s learned to forgive herself.

“Living in forgiveness has been a huge part of my rehabilitation,” she said, adding that she had to approach her experience compassionately.

“Making apologies is a stage in the 12-step program. If someone wishes to be decent and the best version of themselves, they can do so.”

Not only has her physical health improved, but Panettiere claims she has progressed in her mental health journey since seeking therapy.

“My mental health has been like everyone else’s. You’re not alone. It’s been a struggle, “She stated. “It’s a daily battle that I’m delighted to win today. And I hope you are as well.”