Hard blow for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. What the Royal House did to them.

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This month, Prince Harry will compete in the Invictus Games 2022 edition. On April 16-22, he will be joined by Meghan Markle at an event in The Hague.

Unfortunately for them, they will not receive the welcome they had hoped for. The Dutch, on the other hand, refused them.

Meghan Markle will travel outside of the United States for the first time with her husband, Prince Harry, later this month.

It will be the couple’s first official journey since their departure from the Royal Household of the United Kingdom two years ago.

According to dailymail.co.uk, the two will spend four days together in the Netherlands, where a new version of the Invictus Games is taking place.

Invictus Games was founded by Prince Harry. It is an international sporting event for both active duty and veteran wounded and wounded soldiers and women.

The games employ sport’s potential to encourage recovery, rehabilitation, and greater understanding and respect for all who serve their country.

The Royal House of the Netherlands made the decision, which is a setback for Harry and Meghan.

“King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands will not greet Harry and Meghan in the audience” during their visit to the Netherlands. According to the claimed source, the only “benefit” they will have is the “VIP status” granted by the Dutch police.

The Dutch royal family has a tradition of receiving members of foreign royal families in the Royal Palace. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, however, will not be extended such an olive branch, according to a spokeswoman.

Given that “they will not be offered a room in the royal castle,” it appears that Harry and Meghan will have to stay in a hotel in The Hague.

When they arrive in Europe, the pair may have to hire their own bodyguards. According to The Sun, Dutch authorities have also stated that Harry and Meghan’s security agents cannot be armed if they travel to the Netherlands.

Is it likely that Harry will pay a visit to Queen Elizabeth?

At this time, it is unknown what he will do after leaving the position.

The announcement of Harry’s journey to Europe comes just weeks after Princess Diana’s son died at the Duke of Edinburgh’s memorial service in London.

The omission was then attributed to a British Home Office decision. Despite his offer to pay for it, Prince Harry would not have received enhanced security when he arrived in the United Kingdom.


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