Gwyneth Paltrow, the founder of Goop, has become synonymous with healthy living. But it wasn’t always the case. The Avengers actress recently revealed that her passion for health and fitness stems from a place of loss – her father’s battle with throat cancer.

In 1999, Gwyneth’s father was diagnosed with throat cancer, and his treatment was incredibly tough. This experience left Gwyneth feeling desperate and searching for alternative ways to help him. That’s when she started delving into the world of food and nutrition.

“I truly believe that being alive means positively impacting the world,” Gwyneth explained. “Instead of wasting your life, you can choose to engage and participate in it.”

Tragically, Gwyneth’s father passed away in 2002 due to a heart attack following complications from throat cancer and pneumonia. Reflecting on his death, Gwyneth admitted that she feels partly responsible, saying, “I could have improved his quality of life if I had been more proactive.”

Now, Gwyneth is confident she’s on the right path towards wellness. Despite criticism, she remains steadfast in her belief that taking care of oneself is essential. Gwyneth encourages others to listen to themselves, explore their interests, and try new things as part of their personal wellness journey.

So, whether it’s finding joy in healthy eating, incorporating exercise into your routine, or exploring alternative wellness practices, Gwyneth Paltrow’s message is clear – find what makes you happy and embrace it.