Blake Shelton will not let any of his fellow Voice coaches miss out on his distinctive pranks before he leaves next season… even if that person is his wife, Gwen Stefani.

During a harrowing battle round on The Voice season 22, the country singer led the No Doubt lead singer to quake with rage. That went down when Gwen had team members Cara Brindisi and Jay Allen sings “Leather and Lace” by Don Henley and Stevie Nicks.

Even though she chose Cara as the winner, she wasn’t ready to let go of Jay. Gwen used her one save on him in a double surprise twist, but she didn’t anticipate her husband to swoop in and shake her.

“Honestly, that was such a difficult one for me, and it was so perplexing because I knew I wanted to help Jay,” she admitted before Blake intervened with the ultimate Voice betrayal. “What if Jay is stolen?”

It was certainly an unexpected move! Gwen was irritated at Blake’s misbehavior, but Voice viewers were not.

“Blake is the show’s heart, soul, raw talent, and comic relief,” one YouTube user remarked. “And it is for this reason that Blake will be missed. “I can’t picture this show being as amazing or as popular without Blake,” another viewer commented. “Blake Shelton is everything and a legend,” said another fan.

People were not completely taken aback by Blake’s clever maneuver, but the crucial characters on the NBC show were. The stunning events stunned host Carson Daly, who exclaimed, “It’s a save versus a steal between husband and wife!”

Nevertheless, in true Blake manner, he soon revealed that the unexpected theft was part of a larger plot. “I was planning on using my stole. I was waiting for the appropriate opportunity for a good zinger. ‘Wait until she says something — yeah, that’ll be funny,’ I thought.

What was Gwen’s reaction to his plan? Therefore, Blake will need to be cautious when he returns home. “In reality, my hubby stabs me in the back. Blake will pay for it later,” she claimed on the show.

What else does Blake have up his sleeve after all the tricks he’s pulled this season? We’ll have to wait and see.