In some circumstances, grandparents and their grandchildren develop relationships that are more personal than those between children and their parents, which is both weird and lovely. Grandparent visits are a great deal of fun.

The most beautiful stories presented in the greatest way, a different sense of freedom, delicious meals, well chosen sweets that please us every time, and of course, the unending love of those who raised those who made us.

You are quite fortunate to still have them, and you are fully aware of that. Therefore, don’t be afraid to let them know how essential they are when you get the chance. It is important!

KC Shafer and his grandfather have always shared a tight bond. When he was younger, he frequently paid his grandfather a visit, and each time, he looked forward to going since he knew his grandfather gave him a sense of security.

Schafer started spending more time with his grandfather Charlie when his parents separated. When he was just 7 years old, he made a promise out of his deep love for him.

He assured him that KC wanted him, as his grandfather, to be his godfather when he got married. Charlie believed he was speaking while dozing off, therefore he quickly forgot that incident. However, KC Schafer was ready to give him a tremendous surprise after 20 years.

After dating her for a while, he made the decision to marry the love of his life. He kept his promise and asked Charlie, his grandfather, to be the godfather at his wedding.

The once-naughty and enthusiastic boy was now knocking on his grandfather’s door with the love of his life, asking him if he would like to be his godfather. Charlie, who was so proud of Schafer and thought that he done a fantastic job with all the valuable lessons and experiences he taught him, was unable to contain his tears when he realized what a true man Schafer had grown into.

You can learn more about their connection in the touching video that is linked to the story.

Make sure to honor your grandparents and stay in touch with them if you have any. Just ask them about their day to show them you care by placing your hand on the phone. Please tell your close ones about this tale!