I am sure you are a lover of the renowned Disney characters, including Donald Duck, whether you are young or elderly.

And, sure, the first thing that springs to mind when hearing this name is undoubtedly the blue sailor shirt with a red bow tie and cap, as well as his peculiar voice that is difficult to duplicate.

Well, a guy by the name of Donald Sizemore is perhaps the finest impersonator of this famous duck’s voice, as seen by the video below, which we must all agree is beyond funny.

The phone rings, and Mr. Sizemore answers it. On the other part of the telephone is a telemarketer, so he chooses to do Donald Duck’s voice.

Confused, the telemarketer asks whether he’s the real Donald Duck, and the conversation goes on for a while before the other side realizes something weird is going on and hangs up the phone. I’m not sure about you, but I would never have hung up on one of my favorite Disney characters.

Some argue that the telemarketer deserved what they received for bothering folks on the phone, but I assume they were only doing their job.

Anyway, if you want to hear Mr. Sizemore talk precisely like Donald Duck, watch the video below.