Grandma's tattoos

Meet Kerstin Tristan, a 56-year-old mother and grandmother who defies societal norms with her unique hobbies. While most grandmothers might enjoy knitting or gardening, Kerstin’s passion lies in body modification art, particularly tattoos. She has completely transformed her appearance with an impressive collection of intricate tattoos covering her entire body. But it wasn’t always this way for Kerstin. In fact, until 2015, she despised tattoos. So, what changed her mind? Let’s dive into her inspiring journey.

“I simply wanted to try something new,” Kerstin shared. “We only get one life, and I thought that at my age, it was time for something authentic.” Her decision to get her first tattoo in 2015 completely shifted her perspective on body art.

Since then, Kerstin has invested a considerable amount of money, approximately 30,000 euros (around US $32,000), in adorning her body with tattoos alone. But her commitment to self-expression has paid off. She has amassed over 190,000 followers on Instagram and garnered millions of views on TikTok through her engaging videos.

Embracing her unique appearance, Kerstin fearlessly flaunts her tattoos on Instagram. It’s hard to believe that just a decade ago, she was tattoo-free and looked completely different. Occasionally, she shares comparison photos to showcase the remarkable transformation.

Kerstin’s body tells a captivating story through vibrant roses delicately inked on her legs, a leopard print tattoo adorning her shoulders, and intricate portraits gracing her arms, among many others. To her, her tattoos symbolize a beautiful meadow filled with flowers that deserve love.

It’s not just Kerstin who admires her appearance. Her fans shower her with praise, calling her a “beautiful work of art” and admiring her stunning photos. And she encourages others to embrace their authentic selves, proving that self-expression is not bound by age.

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