In Gainesville, Georgia, on a lovely spring day in 2017, Hannah Simmons drove her baby daughter to the doctor for a checkup.

However, the trip became fatal when Hannah’s automobile collided with a truck.

The loss devastated Hannah’s family. However, a picture taken from the location a few days later brought them solace and optimism.

Hannah Simmons, 23, and her closest friend traveled to the doctor’s office with Hannah’s nine-month-old baby, Alannah.

On the way, Hanna abruptly lost control of her vehicle, causing it to collide head-on with a truck. Her nine-month-old daughter, her best friend, and Hanna all fell away in an instant.

A man at the scene phoned emergency services, but he and the other witnesses quickly recognized there wasn’t much they could do.

Anisa Gannon, 19, arrived at the collision scene while en route to work. Anisa grabbed her phone and snapped a photo of the closed road to show her boss why she would be late. But Anisa didn’t detect something in the photo when she took it; she didn’t notice it till afterward.

In the image, an intense beam of light can be seen coming from the sky, illuminating where the woman and her child perished in the car.

When Anisa showed the victim’s relatives the photo, they started crying when they saw the light beam. Upon witnessing the spectacle, Tara, Anisa’s aunt, remarked to her niece, “It looked like they were going to heaven.”

The victims’ family has taken solace in the light and interpreted it as proof that Hanna, her closest friend, and her nine-month-old daughter have entered heaven, despite some skeptics who believe it to be a reflection from Anisa’s car’s windshield.

Hanna’s mother, Jodi Simmons declared that she “absolutely” thought the striking illustration depicted a “pathway to heaven.”

The only thing that can bring solace and calm when you lose someone you love is knowing they are in a better place. Share this inspiring tale with others so they might find hope.