Gordon Ramsay is a household name in the culinary industry, known for his fiery personality and exceptional talent as a chef. But beyond his outbursts, Ramsay has a wealth of experience in the restaurant business. One of his career highlights includes helping failing restaurants turn their fortunes around.

Having encountered almost every kind of dish imaginable, Ramsay is now sharing his wisdom to help diners make the best choices when eating out. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Ramsay revealed the three golden rules he follows to determine if a restaurant is worth a visit. And his first piece of advice is to be wary of restaurants that make inflated claims about their food.

When Ramsay hears boasts like “best in the world” or “famous,” alarm bells start ringing for him. These buzzwords often lack any evidence to support them, making Ramsay question the credibility of the claims. Instead, he advises diners to look for restaurants that let their food do the talking, rather than relying on empty words.

But Ramsay doesn’t stop there. He also shares his tips for getting the best value when it comes to wine. He suggests asking for the “bin end” list, which includes vintage wines that haven’t been selling well or bottles with scratched labels. These hidden gems can be found at a lower price point, allowing diners to enjoy a quality drink without breaking the bank. Ramsay recommends aiming for a bottle that’s priced at $30 or less – a great way to discover underrated wines.

However, the most important piece of advice Ramsay gives is to avoid ordering from the specials board. Ramsay believes that specials should change throughout the evening, but when a board has ten dishes listed as specials, they lose their “special” status. In other words, these so-called specials are often just an excuse for restaurants to charge higher prices for regular dishes.

Ramsay also recalls an instance where he took issue with restaurants offering a “soup of the day.” His advice to customers is to inquire about the previous day’s soup before ordering it. If it turns out to be the same, it’s likely that the restaurant has been serving the same soup for days, or even weeks. Ramsay’s attention to detail ensures that diners get a fresh and varied dining experience.

And for those planning a romantic dinner, Ramsay has a clever trick. He suggests making a reservation for three people instead of two. This small adjustment can significantly speed up the process of getting a table, ensuring that you have a memorable evening with your loved one.

So the next time you dine out, take a page out of Gordon Ramsay’s book. Be cautious of restaurants that make exaggerated claims, explore the “bin end” wine list, avoid the specials board, ask about the soup of the day, and consider booking a table for three. Follow these tips, and you’re sure to have an extraordinary dining experience.