A family from Michigan had a remarkable experience while enjoying a relaxing day on Fort Lauderdale Beach in Florida. As they strolled along the shore, something caught their eyes that left them completely astonished – a colossal 20-foot wooden cross covered in layers of barnacles.

Greg Gay, a member of the family, couldn’t help but wonder about the significance of this unexpected find. “Why would the sea finally cough it up at just that moment if it wasn’t meant for us to find it?” he said, reflecting on the mystery surrounding the cross.

Since its discovery, this extraordinary find has been hailed as a “holy sign” and an example of “divine timing.” Frank Talerico, the proprietor of a nearby hotel, perceives the cross as a symbol of protection. He shared an uncanny coincidence that occurred on the day the cross appeared: his sister woke up from a troubling dream and immediately turned to prayer. Within minutes of her prayer, the family stumbled upon the cross on the beach.

Frank fondly recollects the moment, saying, “She’s like, ‘You know what? It’s not that big of a deal. I just had a bad dream and a bad feeling, so I wanted to come here and pray.’” Frank expressed his gratitude to her and emphasized that his hotel plans to keep the cross. Visitors are cordially invited to witness this remarkable find and capture memorable moments with it.

Photos of the cross have rapidly gone viral, captivating social media users with its profound symbolism. Commenting on the images, one individual shared, “As a Christian, I know it’s not the cross on which my Savior Jesus Christ was crucified, but it remains a sacred symbol and a warning sign for those who are lost in darkness.” Another social media user added, “It was sent by our heavenly father; he’s trying to communicate something to us!”

Witness this awe-inspiring discovery in the video below: