German actor Eric Braeden, widely known for his role as Victor Newman on the hit CBS soap series The Young and the Restless, recently shared some personal news with his fans. In a heartfelt video posted on Facebook, the 82-year-old actor revealed that he is currently undergoing immunotherapy to treat his cancer.

During the Facebook Live session, Braeden explained that his cancer was discovered while he was recovering from knee replacement surgery. He had been experiencing prostate issues, which led to further examination and the discovery of high-grade cancer cells near his bladder.

“I’m sorry to be so honest, but I think this might be useful for some older guys who may or may not listen to this,” Braeden bravely shared with his audience. He hopes that his story will raise awareness and encourage others to take their health seriously.

Before receiving immunotherapy, Braeden had already undergone UroLift therapy for his prostate problems. Once the cancer cells were detected, he underwent surgery to remove them. He then began a six-week immunotherapy regimen, which he is currently in the midst of.

Throughout his journey, Braeden has been open and honest with his supporters, urging them to support their loved ones who may be going through a similar experience. He emphasized the importance of listening to one’s body and not pushing oneself too hard.

“I have been feeling a little under the weather if you’ve noticed, but I’ll lick this. This moron won’t be able to capture me; I will. I’ll soon be performing at my peak,” Braeden courageously declared.

Despite his health battle, Braeden remains eager to return to The Young and the Restless, a show he has been a part of since 1980. He expressed his gratitude for being able to continue working and shared his love for performing and making people laugh.

“I’m still glad I can go to work. It gives me vertigo. I like to act. I hope I can make people laugh. And sure, I do value your assistance. It is important,” Braeden expressed with gratitude.

As we rally behind Eric Braeden in his fight against cancer, let us also hope for a future where all cases of cancer can be cured. If you’ve ever known someone who has faced cancer, please share this story to spread awareness and support those who need it.