Gary Sinise Receives Charlie Daniels Patriot Award

Well-known actor Gary Sinise, famous for his role as Lt. Dan in the movie “Forrest Gump,” has formally accepted the prestigious Charlie Daniels Patriot Award. The award was presented to him by David Corlew, longtime manager of the late Charlie Daniels and co-founder of The Charlie Daniels Journey Home Project (TCDJHP), along with Green Beret combat veteran Joel Pruitt, last year’s recipient of the award.

Sinise was announced as a recipient of the 2022 Charlie Daniels Patriot Award during the fourth annual ceremony. Unfortunately, he was unable to attend the event due to scheduling conflicts. However, Corlew believes that Daniels would be thrilled that Sinise received the award.

“Gary Sinise has set the ‘high water mark’ in support for our vets,” Corlew said. “Foundations and support groups can learn so much from this guy. Besides creating an incredible body of work in the film and entertainment industry, he has utilized it to make a difference for all of us. He is a wonderful example of selfless service. Simply put, he cares, and so do we. Charlie would be very proud that we made this happen.”

Sinise expressed his honor and gratitude for receiving the award. “To receive this award from Charlie Daniels, in his name, is a blessing, a privilege, an honor. Why did I get so lucky?” he said.

The Charlie Daniels Patriot Award is given based on the mission of the organization, which is to support veterans in their return, rehabilitation, and reintegration into civilian life. The award recognizes individuals or groups that exemplify the dedication and efforts of TCDJHP in caring, supporting, and encouraging the men, women, and families who have served our nation. Previous recipients include Chris Young, Darryl Worley, Mike Huckabee, Mark “Oz” Geist, Jude Seale, William Horton, Donnie Mingus, MTSU’s Daniels Center, and The Shepherd’s Center.

In 2022, TCDJHP raised over $1 million for veterans, making it their most successful year to date. The organization continues Daniels’ patriotic mission through various events, including the Charlie Daniels Patriot Awards, which serves as its biggest fundraiser. This fall, the special dinner event will enter its fifth year, with details set to be announced soon.

To donate or find out more about The Charlie Daniels Journey Home Project, please visit their official website.