Last Monday, one of Hollywood’s most durable and long-lived marriages called it quits. The news was delivered by the actor himself, who stated that, while he still has affection for his wife, their relationship has come to an end.

As a result, she moved out of the marital house and into her own place. However, few predicted that he would wind up living in a caravan “on the streets.” Here are the first images of the famous actor since his divorce from his long-term partner!

From a pool villa to… On the streets, a caravan is parked.

Given that he fell in love with her when he was only a few years old and watched her on TV, their love story is absolutely unique. He promised his mother at the time that he would marry the actress, which he did.

Lisa Bonet was already divorced and a single mother when he met her in 2005. Nothing could stop their love, and two years later they married and welcomed their first child, a tiny girl, into the world. The couple’s second child, a small boy, was born not long after.

Unfortunately, what appeared to be a fairy tale quickly devolved into a tragic narrative. Jason Momoa announced his divorce from his wife on his Instagram account in January 2022. What is the explanation for this?

Everyone is curious about him since the actor has only mentioned that their paths have diverged but that they would maintain a friendly connection for the sake of their two children. Jason Momoa was caught in unflattering stances by paparazzi until another one came up. The actor was reportedly thrown into the street after his divorce from his wife.

Jason Momoa has rapidly adjusted to his new life as a homeless bachelor. He bought a $750,000 caravan and parked it in front of a friend’s house. The paparazzi even captured him “at home” as he exited his car and made his way to a friend’s house. The actor seemed to be enjoying his period of freedom to the fullest, dressed casually and sporting a long beard and wavy hair.

Don’t be too quick to lament them; the trailer in question aspires to be a “luxury abode.” A double bed, a Nespresso coffee machine, an induction stove, and an outside kitchen are all included. When he was filming “Aquaman” in 2018, the actor bought it and utilized it whenever he didn’t want to stay in a hotel.

“She frequents it because she prefers to sleep there rather than in a hotel. He isn’t the type to fly on private aircraft or stay at five-star hotels “On another occasion, a relative said.