She has had a successful career spanning over six decades and has been married to James Brolin for about thirty years.

Continue reading to learn about her heart attack fears.

However, Barbra Streisand, 75, demonstrated that her beauty has withstood the test of time when she walked out looking as youthful as ever on Sunday for a romantic date with her adoring husband in Portofino, Italy. The multiple Grammy Award winner looked stunning in a trendy black low shoulder shirt while carrying a bunch of flowers.

The iconic singer dressed in all black and slid into comfy bottoms for her night in the Italian fishing village.

For a touch of glamour, the actress added a choker to her attire and paired it with a second pendant necklace.

The Golden Globe winner brushed her golden locks off her face into an up-do, allowing her age-defying beauty to be highlighted with naturally colored make-up.

Barbra was overjoyed to be with her gorgeous husband James, who was dressed in all black to suit his lovely wife.

The silver fox got into the Christmas spirit by folding a pair of dazzling spectacles on the neckline of his casual shirt. The pair, which married in 1998, looked like the picture of newlywed happiness as they strolled through the scenic streets hand in hand.

Barbra reflected on the early days of their romance, when they met for the first time over dinner on a blind date. ‘I met him at a dinner and imagined a bearded mountain-man type, but he had chopped off all his hair and was clean-shaven,’ she said.

“Who messed up your hair?” I asked. He subsequently told me it was the point at which he fell in love with me. ‘My fella enjoys hearing the truth, which is rare.’

Although the couple has no children, James has two children from his previous two unsuccessful marriages, the oldest being an actor. Barbra previously married actor Elliott Gould from 1963 until 1971. Jason Gould, her on-screen son in The Prince Of Tides, is the son of the former flames.

But we spotted a photo of her without makeup online and think she looks as young as ever and perhaps better without it. Please see the photograph of her below and let us know what you think!

Barbra Streisand, the stressed-out diva, was photographed looking worse in an L.A. hospital, sparking heart attack worries among friends! As medics inspected her leg in the foyer of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in early June, the 77-year-old celebrity seemed ghostly and terrified.

According to Dr. Stuart Fischer, a New York internist who has not treated Streisand, doctors may have discovered a “deep vein thrombosis” in her leg, and the huge clot might enter her system and induced a catastrophic heart attack.

We hope she is doing well now, and we send our love and prayers her way.