Frankie Valli has known that singing is his vocation since he was a little child in Newark, New Jersey.

Seeing the 89-year-old celebrity today is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face because he has come a long way since leaving his rough, working-class neighborhood.

The American bubble-gum era of the mid-1950s, characterized by drive-ins and soda stores, became synonymous with Frankie Valli’s distinctive three-octave range and an unrivaled falsetto voice. His songs have endured the test of time, which speaks volumes about the caliber and commitment of his music.

Frankie’s love of singing was sparked at the tender age of seven when his mother took him to see a young Frank Sinatra perform at the Paramount Theater in Manhattan. This incident launched his lifelong desire to become a successful singer, leaving a lasting influence.

He had no idea he would get close to “Ol’ Blue Eyes” Sinatra, his first role model.

“Because of what I did for his mother, he adopted me as a friend. We had been pretty close for ten years or so. Every time I saw him, we would embrace him tightly and kiss one other on the cheek,” said Valli.

Frankie started singing with the boys on street corners, but his road to fame was not smooth. Before finding success in the music business, the downtown Newark native worked a variety of occupations, including truck driving, golf caddying, and barbering (like his father).

“I came from nothing. My parents were poor. I needed to have a backup plan, explains Frankie.

In the 1960s, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons rose to stardom and topped the charts worldwide. Top-charting singles like “Sherry,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” and “Walk Like a Man” made the members of The Four Seasons well-known.

Fans admired Frankie because of his distinctive falsetto voice, which was instantly recognizable. Since Elvis Presley first entered the public consciousness, “Sherry” has climbed to No. 1 more quickly than any other song.

Frankie released several albums under his name when he was a member of The Four Seasons. In addition to his excellent solo career, which saw him gain nine more top 40 successes, he had immense success with The Four Seasons, recording 29 top 40 hits.

Frankie received recognition by being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990, together with bandmates Tommy DeVito, Nick Massi, and Bob Gaudio.

In the middle of the 1960s, Valli began acting as a logical progression from his career as a musician. He played one of his most illustrious performing roles in the movie version of the popular Broadway musical Jersey Boys, which chronicled The Four Seasons’ ascent to popularity.

Valli had multiple appearances on television programs and in movies throughout his career as a member of The Four Seasons and as a solo performer, displaying his abilities in areas other than singing. His performance flexibility has been demonstrated by his performances on numerous TV shows, including Miami Vice, The Sopranos, and Hawaii Five-0.

Valli is now regarded as a critical figure in the development of rock and roll. The legendary musician has been engaged in the business for many years and continues to play and tour. The 89-year-old artist resides in California and hasn’t indicated any immediate plans to retire.

Every time I sing a song, which is what the audience wants to hear, not my new material or even my solo recordings, I try to sing it as though it were the first time, Frankie said in 1993. “It used to be hard performing the same songs repeatedly, but every time I sing a song, which is what the public wants to hear, I try to perform it as though it were the first time,” she added.

Valli’s dedication to leading a healthy lifestyle has allowed him to maintain his voice in a top condition far into his 80s. He holds a fairly rigorous diet and abstains from drugs, alcohol, and smoking. When tired, he gets a full night’s sleep and avoids staying up late unless there is a valid reason.

And every day I sing a little bit. In the shower, I enjoy singing. It’s one of the best spots, in my opinion. In 2021, he remarked, “You can do two things: detoxifying your body, opening your vocal potential, and practicing your voice.

Valli wed Mary, his first wife, in his early twenties. Mary already had a two-year-old daughter. This was his first of three marriages, and it occurred before Frankie’s big break.

“We were residing in the projects, and by the time I turned twenty, I had already been married and started a family. He claimed that until I was successful, I lived in the projects.

Frankie and Mary separated in 1971 after raising their two kids, Francisca and Antonia, together. His second union, which lasted eight years, was with MaryAnn Hannagan in 1974.

After that, in 1984, he wed Randy Clohessy, with whom he had three kids. However, the couple divorced contentiously and split up in 2004.

Unfortunately, tragedies do happen in families, and Valli is no exception. He has gone through one of the worst things a parent could go through.

His stepdaughter Celia was killed in an accident in 1980 after she fell down a fire escape. Only six months later, he suffered another terrible loss when his youngest daughter Francine died, allegedly from a drug overdose. Frankie’s persistence to pursue his music career throughout the years is a credit to his resiliency. These incidents were probably some of the most trying situations a parent could go through.

Frankie has multiple children who, thankfully, continue to brighten and have great lives despite the horrors that have befallen him. The sense of pride that any grandmother experiences when witnessing their grandchildren’s growth and success is indescribable, and Frankie is no exception.

He has relied on the love and support of his family throughout his life, and it is incredible to watch how they have managed to stay close despite their difficulties.

“All of my children are artists and creators. even my grandchildren! I just saw my granddaughter Olivia play in the traveling cast of Pretty Woman in Los Angeles while my son Brando performs EDM. She’s taking the starring role. Frankie exclaimed, “It was exciting!” to The Montrealer last year.

Frankie Valli turns 89 on May 3, and it’s unbelievable that he’s still with us. He still holds audiences’ attention everywhere!

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By doing this, we can ensure that his legacy endures for a very long time and continues to motivate future generations of music enthusiasts.

Cheers to Frankie Valli’s birthday!