Peyton Hillis retired from the NFL in 2015. He was best recognized for his time with the Arkansas Razorbacks in college and his time with the Cleveland Browns.

Hillis, however, was sent to the intensive care unit on January 6, where he remains unconscious.

Hillis was hospitalized following a swimming incident involving his children, according to sources. Hillis and his family were in Pensacola, Florida on Thursday, January 5, when the former football great became a hero by saving his children from drowning.

According to TMZ, Hillis’ children are safe and well. He was, however, transported from the site to a neighboring hospital and is still in critical condition.

Hillis is receiving treatment for his lungs and kidneys, according to a Facebook post shared by Hillis’ uncle. “He’s still in intensive care and has some renal and lung issues, but the doctors believe he’s recovering,” the message says.

“I simply wanted to let everyone on Razorback Nation know that Peyton is doing better,” Greg Hillis stated. “I just wanted to head off any rumors that may have started,” he said at the end of his remarks. I’m sure he’d want everyone to know how much he appreciates all of the prayers said in his honor!!!”

Peyton and his ex-wife, Amanda, had two children. Willis played in the NFL for seven seasons, accumulating 2,832 rushing yards, 1,050 receiving yards, and scoring 26 touchdowns.

This narrative is currently in the works. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Willis family as Peyton fights for his life.