Prince Harry is not the only one who has been mesmerized by Meghan Markle’s beauty; millions of others worldwide have also been.

Her haircut is one thing that has become a frequent topic of conversation, although many people are unaware that her real hair does not resemble what is seen in the images.

Meghan is renowned for being a kind and stunning woman who embodies the epitome of a fairytale princess. Despite this, she and her husband Prince Harry made the official decision to leave the British Royal Family because they felt under continual media criticism.

Harry and Meghan came to the United States from the Royal Family and bought their first home together in Montecito, California, in July.

Meghan quit performing to become a part of the Royal Family, but she eventually left British royalty as well. The mix of Hollywood and Buckingham Palace most certainly provides her the gorgeous image that has conquered the globe.

Meghan’s life, family, acting profession, personal style, wardrobe, and hair, of course, are the subject of media obsession.

A common subject

Meghan frequently wears straight or lightly curled hair. Her hair has been a hot topic since she announced her engagement to Prince Harry, largely because many people think the style is too casual for a future monarch. Even the former actress herself continued to wear the hairstyle in public, seemingly unconcerned by the remarks.

On May 19, 2018, Meghan and Prince Harry were married, and the event was live streamed across the globe. Despite her perfect appearance, many people were taken aback when they noticed Markle’s stray face-framing hairs.

“While her layers were first tucked behind her ears during the ceremony went underway the pieces began to fall and stray hair covered her forehead and the layers behind her ears poked out.”

People complained about her hair on the internet, saying it was too distracting to to watch. There was a hashtag made, #bobbypins.

The couple, who are not yet royal, welcomed their baby Archie Mountbatten-Windsor into the world on May 6, 2019. It made the new parents happy to grow their family.

The first birthday of Archie

You may not always have much time for yourself as a mother of a one-year-old. Yes, it applies to Meghan as well, even if she presumably receives more assistance than others.

Since Archie’s birth, the 39-year-old has shared a lot of moments with the public, demonstrating that life is not all glamour and beauty.

The picture below is from a Save The Children advertising film called “Save With Stories.” Meghan is shown giving early learning kits, grocery gift cards, and viral prevention kits to disadvantaged children in need throughout the globe during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Hidden real hair

Many people might not be aware of the fact that her natural hair is quite unlike the hair we often see in photos or on television.

We weren’t able to see how her natural hair looked until old images of her surfaced.

A petition to restore her natural hair

Of course, a lot of her supporters would want to see Meghan’s natural hair more frequently. Back in 2017, according to Elle Australia, a petition was even established on Twitter requesting the former actress return to her naturally curly hair.

In my opinion, she is beautiful regardless of how her hair appears. How do you feel? Would you sign the petition?