An excellent marriage will survive anything.

Many people today take their marriage vows for granted and no longer honor them. However, Gerald McRaney and Delta Burke have been married for over three decades.

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Gerald McRaney knew he wanted to ask Delta Burke out as soon as they met. But with so many guys interested in her, he was also well aware of his rivals.

When he first asked her out, he remembers thinking, “I wasn’t going to let her get away. I was already up against rivals. She was being asked out on dates by other people, and I intended to move in immediately.

McRaney felt a connection right away and knew she was the one. He proposed to her on their second date. However, two years later, the couple didn’t make things official until May 28, 1989.

Even though it took longer than McRaney had hoped, he was glad to have found the girl of his dreams!

This was McRaney’s third marriage, but it was Burke’s first. But he was determined to make it last this time.

Even though the couple was much in love, other individuals didn’t think their marriage was a smart idea. Notably, a few of McRaney’s acquaintances forbade him. But he consistently rejected each of those arguments. Why not? he recalled saying. They are the only ones who can comprehend this madness. And she complies. No big deal if I call her at two in the morning while I’m on location. She is aware.

They were familiar with one another’s struggles since they both worked in the entertainment world. As a result, they could support and advise one another on any problems they might encounter.

When one of them succeeds, the other is their biggest cheerleader. Burke was McRaney’s strongest supporter when he received a Primetime Emmy nomination for his work on “This Is Us.” She stood there in the audience, supporting her adored spouse with tears in her eyes.

McRaney claimed to have received much feedback in his years as an actor, but Burke is the only one he takes seriously. He can trust her when she says her performance is good or needs improvement.

The strength of their marriage was put to the test in 1998. Burke’s grandma passed away, and her mother was soon diagnosed with breast cancer. She also took a break from acting following a disagreement with the producers of her TV series “Designing Women.”

While the actress appeared on the show, viewers noticed she was gaining weight. It came out that she had hypoglycemia, which contributed to an increase in her weight.

She struggled mightily with her weight. Type 2 diabetes was eventually brought on by dieting mixed with ineffective hypoglycemia management. She worked even to receive a diagnosis while seeing various doctors. I spent a lot of time on the road, Burke recalls. I felt weary. My physical well-being was off. Burke remarked, “Nobody could tell me what was wrong, but I knew something was amiss. I allegedly had Epstein-Barr. It had to be something else, I knew. After doing the necessary tests, a doctor informed me that I had diabetes.

She paid little attention to her personal needs at the time because she was also caring for her mother. Her doctor advised her to change her diet to avoid the need for insulin therapy even though she was taking medication for her ailment.

Her mother managed to get better after a protracted battle. Burke praised her spouse for being there for her, ensuring she took her medication, and looking out for her. In 2004, McRaney also won his battle with lung cancer.

She now uses insulin and is grateful to McRaney for helping to look after her, particularly by giving her insulin shots. She claimed he adored me when I grew to be the size of a house. He has been there for me in both my good and bad moments. He still believes my body is fantastic, but I can vouch it is not.

The couple maintains an active lifestyle and looks after each other’s health. Burke claims that her health is now finally good.

Delta Burke has no present intentions to start acting again. Although he also mentioned that he would want to work with her once more, her spouse McRaney doesn’t believe she will go back to acting.

McRaney does not aim to retire, but the pair does intend to move there soon after purchasing a home in central Florida. Although unmarried, they have dedicated their lives to caring for McRaney’s three children from a previous union.

The couple has set an example for the rest of the world and Hollywood regarding keeping your wedding vows. We are giving them all of our love and best wishes.

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