The Wahlberg brothers pay homage to their devoted mother, who passed away at the age of 78. Alma Wahlberg, the mother of the family, had dementia. Alma was the mother of seven other children in addition to the well-known brothers.

Alma is well-known because of her presence on the ten-season reality series Wahlburgers, which featured the Wahlberg family.

The lady who meant the world to actor Mark Wahlberg received a farewell message on social media. “My angel.”  In addition to a picture of his mother wearing a pink jacket, he added, “Rest in peace.”

Alma used to talk of her regular phone talks with her son, stating, “Mark calls me from all over the world.” Each and every day. Even though it’s three in the morning, I don’t care!

He valued those phone conversations just as much as she did.

“Every single day for the previous ten years, the first phone call I made was to my mum,” he said. “And I’m no longer able to make that call. And it is tragic. And that’s difficult.”

Donnie also posted a long tribute to his mother on Instagram. “Blessed to have been born into this world by such a great mother, who nurtured me, taught me, and set me on my life’s course.”

“Undoubtedly, my mother Alma helped form me into the person I am today because of her enthusiasm for life, love, and other people as well as her pride in her modest upbringing and unwillingness to forget where she came from. I’ve frequently stated that whatever you appreciate about me comes from Alma.”

Donnie continued, calling her “the most wonderful human being” and “the definition of grace,” saying, “Mom, it’s time to rest sweetly. I will celebrate you now and always because I love you, miss you, and am grateful. Your Baby Donnie, forever.”

Alma always responded, “Whoever I’m with at the time” when someone asked which of her children she preferred.

I’m really happy for them. Not simply the outcome, but also how they did. They are excellent folks. As long as they’re nice people, I don’t mind if they dig ditches.”

Alma, rest in peace.

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