After a protracted stay at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, Ellen Pompeo will leave. The long-running Grey’s Anatomy star, who has served as the show’s leader for the past 19 seasons, announced her upcoming departure in a heartfelt letter to the show’s devoted viewers.

Pompeo wrote a letter to the audience, which she posted on Instagram yesterday, thanking them for their continuous support and assuring them that she wouldn’t be leaving Grey’s Anatomy forever.

“I’ll always be grateful to each and every one of you for the love and encouragement you’ve shown Meredith Grey and the show during its entire run of 19 seasons!”

“None of this would have been possible at any point in time without the most fantastic fans on the entire planet. You have all helped to make this ride fun and unforgettable!” Pompeo wrote in the message.

“I am so grateful for you, and I love you with all my heart,” she continued. ” You’ve been on the roller coaster before, so you know that the show must go on and that I will return to see you. With deep love and an everlasting sense of gratitude, XoE ”

Pompeo, who has been a star on Grey’s since the show’s first season, would be spending less time on the show in order to concentrate on other projects, as was first reported in August.

Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy will move from Seattle to Boston as Ellen Pompeo gets ready to play the lead in the upcoming Hulu film Orphan. As a result, Pompeo will have more free time in her real life.

She will make her final appearance on the program on February 23, 2023.

Her former co-star Patrick Dempsey made fun of the notion that Ellen Pompeo will never forget her time on the medical drama because of the collection of props she has gathered over the course of her career there in the days preceding her departure from the series.

Patrick Dempsey, who left Grey’s Anatomy in 2015, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on November 17, where he talked about his time as Dr. McDreamy and some of the advantages of being on the show (including enough Band-Aids to last a lifetime).

She made the decision to leave the program. General Martin Dempsey reacted to Jimmy Kimmel’s joke about Phyllis Pompeo by asking, “Did she really? I don’t know whether you heard, but she got caught swiping Band-Aids from the set.”

He then remarked, “Can you picture what she’d have in her house today after 19 seasons? A full-service medical facility.”

It seems like it might be quite beneficial!

On February 23, 2023, Grey’s Anatomy will return to ABC, and you can see Ellen Pompeo’s final episode of the medical drama.