Fashion brands are finally taking steps towards inclusivity, recognizing the importance of representing diverse communities. While the industry has already made progress by featuring models from different ethnic backgrounds and body types, there are still underrepresented groups that deserve visibility. Among them are individuals with disabilities, who are now getting the recognition they deserve.

In a significant stride towards inclusivity, Victoria’s Secret recently introduced their first model with Down syndrome. Now, Banana Republic has joined the movement by featuring a toddler with Down syndrome in their latest ad for the BR Baby collection. This heartwarming campaign showcases the brand’s commitment to sustainability, warmth, and inclusivity.

The company stated, “The BR Baby collection was designed with a promise to be more sustainable, more welcoming, and more inclusive. We want to celebrate diversity in all forms, and in the casting for BR Baby, we saw a perfect opportunity to lead the way. We were thrilled to give this beautiful and loving individual his first modeling job.”

This adorable baby boy with Down syndrome brings a smile to our faces and reminds us of the beauty found in every individual. The images capture his innocence and charm, effortlessly showcasing the joy and cuteness of the BR Baby collection.

According to Katie Driscoll, the creator and president of Changing the Face of Beauty—an organization dedicated to equal representation of individuals with disabilities in the media—she is “thrilled” that companies are incorporating disability representation in their advertisements. She emphasizes the need for the disability community to be seen and recognized, as they form the largest minority group in the world. One in five families has a personal connection or loves someone with a disability, making inclusive representation all the more vital.

As we witness more brands embracing diversity and inclusivity, we hope that featuring individuals with disabilities becomes the norm rather than an exception. It is through these significant steps that we can create a society that embraces and celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of all its members. Let’s continue to support and celebrate brands that prioritize inclusivity and work towards a more diverse and accepting world.