Simon Cowell, 63, has always had a distinct physical look. He’s had dark hair and a brilliant smile for as long as we can remember, and he appeared to be younger than usual in a video posted on Thursday.

Simon’s better appearance astonished fans after they saw him in a video published on Twitter to promote Britain’s Got Talent. Simon appeared to have dropped weight and had lovely skin in the video.

“Holy moly, I nearly didn’t recognize him then,” one user stated, while another said, “Simon Cowell grows younger and younger every year.”

Despite receiving a flood of comments in response to Simon’s new look, the video was abruptly taken from Twitter a few hours later for unknown reasons.

Simon’s slimmer appearance could be attributed to his healthier eating.

“I went to see this doctor in London and we did some tests, and then a month later he said, ‘you have the worst diet I’ve ever met from any patient.’”

Simon, a strong drinker and smoker, recalls asking his doctor what habits he should eliminate from his life to improve his general health.

“It’s pretty much everything I used to enjoy eating but now can’t.” “That means no dairy, no sugar, no bread, no gluten, and no red meat,” he explained.

“I have no choice but to tell you the truth; it was a lot easier than I expected. And part of the reason I did it was because Eric is turning five this year, and I realized I wouldn’t be able to keep up with him if I didn’t get myself physically in shape. As a result, I did it.”