Goldie Hawn’s admirers and followers hailed her as a “inspiration” after she bravely admitted to struggling with anxiety and depression.

The Overboard star opened out about her mental health in a candid video published to promote her involvement in an upcoming event for her MindUP charity. In the film, she admits that, despite her success, there was a time in her life when she was “not especially happy.”

During a talk about her desire,  “I wanted to go home, get married, manage a dancing school, be happy, and have children – I wanted a regular life, and that’s not what I got,” Goldie explained. “I yearned for a normal existence.”

“My acting career shot off like a rocket, and I ended up winning an Academy Award. I’d walk back into my dressing room and sleep down, and despite the fact that it sounded like a wonderful thought, I was terrified of feeling uncomfortable again.”

“I literally and fully lost my ability to smile,” she continued. ” Despite dedicating my life to pursuing happiness, I did not find much of it in my life.”

Goldie acknowledged that she sought professional help to tackle mental health issues. “Because I felt that I needed to have a better grasp of what was going on in my head, I took the decision to contact a psychologist,” she said.

“After a year, I began to rediscover myself, but believe me when I tell that I know what it’s like to be depressed, and I know what it’s like to be anxious.”

The actress was inundated with messages of support from her dedicated fans, with some even admitting that Goldie’s sincere statement brought them to tears.

“I am grateful that you shared this,” one of them responded. “It put a smile on my face! You are an inspiration to each and every one of us. Goldie, you are such a sweet person. May God’s blessings be upon you and your lovely family.”

“Thank you so much for posting this @goldiehawn, and you are an inspiration!!” said a second person. “This brought tears to my eyes; @goldiehawn, you are fantastic!” said a third person.

“The following week, I will be giving a talk at LIFE ITSELF, and I cannot wait!” Goldie said beside the photo. “I can’t wait to talk about @mindup with @drsanjaygupta and @marchodosh about happiness and the importance of learning to quiet your thoughts. At www.LifeItself.Health, there are so many smart people and new ideas that have come together.”