After seeing a new Netflix film, customers of the streaming service were left feeling nauseated. One critic named the survival thriller Fall one of the scariest films of the year. Surprisingly, this is neither a horror nor a slasher film.

Instead, it focuses on Hunter and Becky, played by Virginia Gardner and Grace Caroline Currey, who ascend to the top of a radio tower at 610 meters to spread Dan, Becky’s husband’s ashes.

While things appear to be going well at first, they quickly deteriorate. When they reach the top of the tower, the ladder breaks, leaving the women stranded.

And if you think this new Netflix film isn’t tense enough, wait till you see what comes next. The women’s backpack, which contains water, also collapses, and neither can get cellular coverage to contact for aid.

Given the simple premise, it is clear why this film is not for the faint of heart, similar to Ryan Reynolds’ Buried or James Franco’s 127 Hours.

“Nearly every single shot from Fall (2022), a film about two women who become lost after ascending to the top of a 2000 ft radio tower, will make you feel unsteady,” the official Netflix Twitter account said.

As it turns out, the new Netflix film is truly heartbreaking, not just a collection of overblown reports. “Fall on Netflix is one of the most horrific films I’ve ever seen in my entire life, and I adore horror,” one user remarked.

There was no blood or gore, only terrifying worry as we watched those two girls attempt to survive. It’s dreadful. “A one-time-only look as my palms begin to sweat!”

“I’ve always found it difficult to articulate my odd fear/anxiety of heights, big objects, and large open areas from above,” another commenter added. Fall on Netflix is practically it; just watching it made my palms sweat, and my vertigo starts in.”

This isn’t the last word on this new Netflix film. “I was looking forward to witnessing this,” another spectator said. But I had no idea how afraid of heights I was. It’s entirely my fault that I’m feeling sick and shaky. “I’d be afraid up there.”

The film currently has a 79% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6.4 rating on IMDb. It is assumed that the poor IMDb rating is due to people being terrified by the film’s imagery.