Gracie McGraw recently responded to and disregarded the internet trolls who objected to her use of Ozempic, a medication that has been crucial in helping her manage her polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), in a brave stand against her critics.

Gracie, 25, a rising star in music and the oldest child of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, two of the most famous names in country music, bravely embraced her body positivity in a series of black-and-white bikini images she posted on social media.

She jokingly captioned the images, showing off her toned form in a high-waisted bikini and chic black sunglasses: “It’s a gorgeous day for narcissism!”

When a misinformed critic tried to claim that Gracie’s trim figure was only the result of using Ozempic, a drug often used to improve glycemic control in type 2 diabetes, Gracie set the record straight.

She admitted, “I did use Ozempic last year, yes. I’m currently taking a low dose of Mounjaro for my PCOS, along with exercising. When I have been open about it, there is no need to accuse.”

Her candid remark was met with immediate and unanimity of support from her supporters.

PCOS is awful. insulin resistance, weight gain, ovarian polyps and cysts, facial hair growth, and other unusual hair growth. and a ton of other problems. One person gushed, “I’m super thrilled she was able to get access to a terrific drug to help out!” while a fan said, “Killing it as per usual!!! You are amazing, attractive, and fierce! I love you so much.”

Gracie, a resident of New York City, has been unusually transparent about her health issues and weight loss quest, revealing her PCOS diagnosis for the first time in March 2022.

According to John Hopkin’s Medicine, PCOS is a female reproductive disorder characterized by the ovaries’ excessive synthesis of androgens, which are generally present in women in tiny amounts.

“I just wanted to share quickly that I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome),” she wrote on Instagram. “My endocrinologist and I decided to take a medication to regulate my body more properly and develop the skills to continue to maintain my body and myself healthy as I become older after I learned that this may have been a contributing factor to my weight concerns.”

Gracie went on to say that focusing more on her mental health opened the door for a deeper investigation of her physical problems. “Sending love to everyone struggling with anything, whether it be a comparable issue or something quite different. Mental health is really difficult!” She urged her fans, “We can make it through this hard journey.”

In her honest account, Gracie said that the pharmaceutical regimen she was prescribed had given her a body she hadn’t seen in a long time and that she was “finding new ways to love herself every day.”

Hollywood has recently been abuzz about using Ozempic in connection with weight loss, with stars like Chelsea Handler and Remi Bader confessing to taking the medicine.