After three years of marriage, the music producer filed for divorce from the singer in November 2021.

Faith Evans and Stevie J. have finalized their divorce.

The singer, 50, and music producer, 51, were “restored to the status of single persons” on Thursday, according to court documents. Following three years of marriage, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star filed for divorce from the performer nearly two years ago.

Both parties signed a marital status agreement, which addressed spousal support, property split, and attorney expenses. The terms of the arrangement were not made public.

Evans sought the courts in documents to refuse Stevie’s request for spousal support. Evans did not ask Stevie for help, and the document also indicated that the couple had been apart since May 29, 2020. (Evans was arrested that month for domestic abuse against her husband, but the charges were ultimately dropped.)

“Irreconcilable differences have arisen between Petitioner and Respondent, resulting in an irreversible breakdown of their marriage,” according to court filings. “There is no way to save the marriage through counseling, a longer waiting period, or any other means.”

The former couple married in a Las Vegas hotel room in July 2018, surrounded by friends and relatives. The record producer, whose real name is Steven Aaron Jordan, initially revealed their relationship in December 2016 during an interview on The Breakfast Club radio show.

“I need to put in more effort, you know what I mean?” “I increased it from three to five times a day,” Stevie remarked at the time, making a sexually provocative remark about their relationship. “I knew he was going to go there with it,” Evans added. “I was already aware.”

Jordan addressed his connection with Evans after filing for divorce in an Instagram post devoted to her on Mother’s Day last year, despite the fact that the couple had no children together.

“I’ve hurt you, disrespected you, and humiliated you in public,” he wrote. “I promise to listen to your feelings and be gentler with your heart from now on. I also promise to continue to build you up, to interact with you on a daily basis, to respect you, and to love on you until you’re as happy as you were when we married.”

Stevie captioned the shot, “I’ve learned my lesson and I NEVER want to live without you because God knows I’m a better man with you and I’m asking you to find it in your heart to forgive me and allow me to rebuild our trust.”