Priscilla Presley delivered an impassioned eulogy at her daughter Lisa Marie Presley’s burial ceremony at Graceland on January 22, 2023. Lisa Marie Presley was remembered at the service.

The 77-year-old actress took the stage and began by reading something that her granddaughter had written for everyone in the audience. She read the following: “I don’t know how to put my mum into words.”

“There are far too many of them. Mama was my icon, role model, and superhero. For many people worldwide, Lisa Marie Presley was an icon, a role model, and a superhero, but Mama was all those things and more.”

“Even today, I am incapable of explaining everything there is to understand or know about her; nevertheless, as she has always maintained, I will do my best,” Priscilla continued.

She then read an excerpt from a poem called “The Old Soul,” inspired by Lisa Marie’s story.

“She was born in 1968, weary, fragile, and powerful simultaneously. She appeared frail, but she oozed vitality.” Priscilla stated again that the woman had understood her time in this place would be limited.

Priscilla references in the poem that the sorrow of her broken heart eventually led to her death.

“She was conscious that time was ticking away. Some claim that she died due to survivor’s guilt, but the truth is that she died due to a broken heart.” Priscilla Presley stated that while Lisa Marie has returned to where she has always belonged, “my heart misses her love.”

Priscilla stated that “my heart is broken” in response to the news. “You have our complete attention, Lisa.”

Lisa Marie’s body is interred next to that of her son Benjamin, who committed suicide at 27 in 2020.

Family members such as Priscilla, Lisa Marie’s daughter Riley Keough, half-brother Navarone Garcia, ex-husband Michael Lockwood, their 14-year-old twin daughters Finley and Harper, and the deceased son’s girlfriend Benjamin were present during the public service.

Lisa Marie died at age 54 after being taken to a hospital in Los Angeles on January 12, 2023, for what was considered a heart attack.