Prepare to be amazed when you see Madonna without any filters or retouching. Yes, this is what she truly looks like at 70 years old.

Madonna is known for her fierce determination to maintain her youthful appearance. She has undergone surgeries, beauty procedures, and relies on retouching and filters to enhance her photos. But even with all these efforts, her age is starting to show.

Recently, paparazzi captured Madonna arriving at a party for her own book, and the unretouched photos revealed her real face with wrinkles and imperfections. It was a stark contrast to her carefully curated Instagram images.

In her bold and outrageous outfits, Madonna tries to defy her age and cling to eternal youth and beauty. But the reality is, she’s a woman who is not immune to the natural effects of aging.

Some people have even joked that Madonna is a granny who refuses to age. It’s a reminder that social media can create a distorted version of reality.

It’s important to remember that beauty comes in all forms and ages. Madonna’s journey to maintain her appearance is a personal choice, but we should celebrate and embrace the natural beauty that comes with age.