We’ve all been asked when we plan to have children, but for Charli Worgan and her husband Cullen, the question was often accompanied by a puzzled “why?”. As a Sydney-based couple with different types of dwarfism, they have faced constant public scrutiny, particularly when Charli became pregnant with their first child. However, Charli turned this adversity into an opportunity to educate and inspire others. Little did she know that her social media account would attract over 300,000 followers and become a platform to share their remarkable family journey.

Today, this resilient couple is proud parents to two beautiful daughters. Charli recently announced that she is 14 weeks pregnant with their third child. However, this news comes with mixed emotions.

Due to the genetic challenges they face, Charli and Cullen undergo intensive testing with each pregnancy. Their offspring could potentially inherit one type of dwarfism from either parent, be of average height, or even inherit both types of dwarfism, which experts believe would have devastating consequences.

Charli expressed her disappointment in not being able to celebrate the 12-week milestone of her pregnancy like most mothers. Instead of joyous announcements, Charli found herself undergoing invasive genetic testing procedures.

She shared, “While others rejoice at 12 weeks, I was lining up for the Chorionic Villus Sampling, a procedure that carries a 2% risk of miscarriage. This test would reveal the genetic makeup of my baby.”

Their two daughters, Tully and Tilba, aged two and four respectively, both have one type of dwarfism. So, when Charli became pregnant with their third child, they eagerly awaited the results to determine which of the four possibilities their baby would inherit.

In Charli’s heartfelt Instagram post, she explained:

  1. Their baby could be of average height.
  2. Their baby could have Achondroplasia, the same type of dwarfism as Charli.
  3. Their baby could have Geleophysic Dysplasia, the same type of dwarfism as Cullen.
  4. Their baby could inherit both genetic variations, known as “double dominant dwarfism,” which medical professionals believe would be fatal upon birth. In such a case, Charli would have to make the heart-wrenching decision whether to carry on or terminate the pregnancy.

Charli bravely acknowledged that she was anxiously waiting to learn if their baby’s journey continues or ends before March 2021.

Despite facing criticism for sharing her life so publicly, Charli addresses this head-on in her post. She explains, “I’ve faced criticism for choosing to have babies with these odds, but by sharing this small piece of our story, doubters can see that bringing a child into the world with these challenges is not a simple decision. It’s about kindness.”

Today, the Worgan family celebrates the arrival of their baby boy, Rip, born in late February. Charli shared a beautiful photo of herself and her child, accompanied by enlightening words for all parents.

“I may be tired, but I’m overwhelmingly grateful and fortunate. There’s no ‘right’ way to navigate motherhood, and there’s certainly no ‘wrong’ way either.”

Charli’s journey as a parent mirrors that of so many others. Her posts serve as a source of inspiration, reminding us that the challenges and joys of bringing children into the world are universal. This extraordinary family is a true testament to the power of love, resilience, and determination to embrace life against all odds.