We live in a world where social media has thrust upon us images of people with what appears to be the perfect appearance. Unfortunately, this has made society even more superficial in how it judges others. It can be incredibly cruel for those of us who don’t fit into this stereotypical “perfect” pattern. But there is one remarkable woman who understands this all too well – Karine de Souza.

Karine, a 33-year-old Brazilian woman, has a rare condition called Xeroderma Pigmentosum. This condition puts her at an incredibly high risk of developing skin cancer. To protect herself, she has spent her entire life wearing SPF100 sunscreens, even when indoors. Just a few minutes of sun exposure can result in excruciating sunburn for Karine.

Growing up, Karine was isolated from the outside world because it was too dangerous for her to spend time outdoors. Her vulnerability to UV rays meant that any damage caused by the sun would go unrepaired, leading to painful lesions and an increased risk of cancer in the future. Despite the hardships she faces, Karine maintains an incredibly positive outlook on life.

Karine has undergone over 130 surgical procedures to remove sores brought on by the sun, including the amputation of her lower lip and a portion of her nose. However, the physical struggle is not the only challenge she endures. Karine often receives strange looks and has faced both online and offline verbal abuse. But amidst it all, Karine found love.

Through social media, Karine met Edmilson, the love of her life. He fell in love with her story and her strength. Edmilson has always stood by Karine’s side, embracing not only her but also her three children from her previous relationship. Despite facing offensive comments, Karine and Edmilson’s love story remains strong.

A photographer who captured the couple’s engagement shared their story online. The heartfelt words and beautiful images went viral, inspiring thousands of people. Karine wants others to understand the importance of embracing positivity and being happy in life. “Be happy, smile, because life happens only once,” she says.

In 2023, Karine and Edmilson were overjoyed to welcome their long-awaited addition to the family – a baby girl named Zaia. Despite the challenges they have faced, Karine’s unwavering strength and optimistic outlook have brought her the happiness she so deserves.

Let’s all take a moment to reflect on Karine’s incredible journey and share her story. Together, we can encourage and inspire others facing similar circumstances. Karine’s story reminds us to embrace life with all its ups and downs and to find strength in ourselves.